Christchurch Council asked for halt on cathedral

asr, May 17, 3:20am

robdickinson, May 17, 3:25am
They can call for whatever they like, they have no power to back it up.

asr, May 17, 4:22am
I think your right robdickinson.

gman35, May 17, 4:35am
This is brilliant - From "Nick" on the Stuff site forum :-So let me see if I understand this situation. There's a pagan wizard who wants to save the cathedral. And an Anglican bishop who wants to demolish the cathedral and spend a few million dollars building an origami church made out of a paper product with an expected life span of about a decade. On top of that, the diocese would rather have a cathedral that's more of a multi-purpose building rather than an actual place to worship. And there a lot of people who never used the cathedral who insist it must be saved. Not to mention atheists who want to drive the God in whom they don't believe out of a city named after the church. Then there are some people who would like the remains of the cathedral to be an ancient Roman-era ruin in middle of the city, and a property tycoon/businessman who wants to see all the property and businesses in the CBD turned into a lake. Is that about it!

fekim, May 17, 4:40am
Councillors should be better spending their time debating core issues, and not poking it's collective nose where it isn't wanted - nor warranted.'s a damned building, a thing, and it's none of our business what the owners want to do with it. So what if our city used the building as a landmark, and an advertising feature, it's not "ours" and we shouldn't have any say in the matter. Enough is enough. Get rid of it and start over!

tideman, May 17, 4:43am
No, that's not all.
There's a perfectly good (in fact, beautiful) wooden church just down the road from Cathedral Square that survived the earthquakes and would do perfectly well for the handful of people who used to attend the cathedral, but the St Michaels anglicans don't get on with the cathedral anglicans and that's why the latter are spending $5 million on the cardboard thing.

retroqueen1, May 17, 4:56am
Though I do not go to the Anglican church anymore, I want the Cathedral saved since I paid money every Sunday into the church collection plate to help keep it in good condition. So I have a vested interest in keeping it and having it rebuilt. I don't want my money wasted.

shannie1998, May 17, 5:14am
Are you sure!

The Anglican Church never paid a single cent for the block of land the Cathedral sits on nor did it fund the building of the Cathedral.

The Cathedral was built over a 40 year time span by the early settlers - who, on instruction from Mother England, wereto build two Churches and two schools on arrival in Christchurch. The settlers funded the Cathedrals build by paying highly inflated prices for the land they purchased from the Canterbury Association.
The Canterbury Associationwent on to become the Christchurch City Council.

Since 2000 Christchurch ratepayers have funded earthquake proofing to the back and sides of the Cathedral (which has sustained reasonably minor damage)
It is estimated Christchurch ratepayers have contributed nearly $20 million to the Cathedral since its inception.

So who really does own the Cathedral!

ebeater, May 17, 5:22am
The City Council can save the Cathedral by keeping it in their logo .that way ratepayers will not need to foot the bill for new signage and stationery. Let the Church get on and do its thing with their money. IMHO

matthew111, May 17, 5:24am
get rid of it

quane1, May 18, 1:22am
If they really cared they would have done something about it long ago. I think they are only thinking of the next election.

jamesnmatt, May 18, 1:31am
Big Brownlee has told the CCC to get over it in the paper this morning.

charlieb2, May 18, 1:37am
Agree.Call me a cynic but I thought the vote was more about 'looking good' than actually doing something!

cloffie, May 18, 1:50am
*Joins Charlie on the cynic bench*

jamesnmatt, May 18, 1:52am
move over cloffie, I need to sit there too LOL

sheeprus, May 18, 2:39am
You have summed it up perfectly LOL

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