The new press building question

thepuppydad, May 18, 7:23am
Was that built before feb 22nd or has this been built recently!

lindylambchops1, May 18, 7:24am
Can I phone a friend!

thepuppydad, May 18, 7:25am
Only if she works for the press :-P

dm0044, May 18, 7:27am
it was built prior to Feb 22 but they hadn't moved in yet. they have now finished the building and it can be tenanted. Staff have been given the choice to stay out in the portacoms as some are traumatised from the events of feb 22nd and cannot cope with the ongoing demo in the city.
Thats my understanding.

mattthetubaguy, May 18, 7:45am
it was under construction when the September quake hit. I remember because one of the things I thought about was whether or not the crane had fallen over (it didn't).

dm0044, May 18, 7:52am
also they haven't been able to enter the building as was in the red zone. the cordon has been opened up in gloucester street today hence giving access now.

thepuppydad, May 18, 7:53am
Ah ok, ta

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