QE II on you tube

jessiejames7, Apr 4, 10:17am
Well hi all Its me Jessie. We made the video and Im sorry if any one did not like it but we did not force you to watch it. The building has never been Red stickered to date.So far this is the only way people can see what has happened to there pool complex.

needmoretime, Dec 13, 9:13am

would have thought it was still tresspassing even if it was unlocked.

twogirlsandaboy, Dec 13, 9:35am
Yeah I watched earlier and while it was quite interesting to actually see it all I kept thinking was you blimmen idiots! They are blimmen lucky that an aftershock didn't hit while they were in there.

charlieb2, Dec 13, 9:48am
I dont see the point. I've just watched the first five mins or so. and what is the point. or did I turn off at some vital minute. Looks like the pools were drained etc. we knew the complex was munted. so how is this interesting. what should make me watch the whole 'two part' drama

colleenandsue1, Dec 13, 10:29pm
Wow that is so sad, hope you dont get into trouble with the police.Thank you for doing that video as a low income family we spent alot of our time.We could you take a family for a day take own lunch for $10.The council wounder why we want our pool back.Grrr dam council.

babyluthi, Dec 14, 12:48pm
That place is now just plain creepy.

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