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ness315, Dec 31, 11:00am
happy new years! *hugs yaqub and rj when she gets back*

yaqub, Dec 31, 11:00am
"HAPPY NEW YEAR"Ness, and clubbies.welcome to the New Year

yaqub, Dec 31, 11:00am
Hugs ness back.wishing you a very prosperous year my friend.

yaqub, Dec 31, 11:00am
hugssssssssss rj

ness315, Dec 31, 11:01am
awww that put a smile on her dial lol

yaqub, Dec 31, 11:02am
gosh, all kinds of fireworks going on now

yaqub, Dec 31, 11:02am
aww bless her

brilliant., Dec 31, 11:15am
B u M p

FiRsT fOr ThE nEw YeAr

yaqub, Dec 31, 11:16am
and another bump

canuck44, Dec 31, 11:34am
Happy New Year Everyone xxxx

ken158, Dec 31, 12:46pm
On our original thread . still present.

brilliant., Dec 31, 9:24pm
LOL Ken, it is still here just like those quakes.

Happy New Year Canuck.

Love to you all.

yaqub, Dec 31, 10:21pm
Happy New Year everyone.

Great to see familiar faces again.

All the very best.

Love, Me

ken158, Jan 1, 4:09am
Bump again for the New Year!

sallycon, Jan 1, 8:48am
Happy New Year to you all!

yaqub, Jan 1, 10:02pm

Nerves are shot. Not enough sleep.

Ivy, Ness, where are yous!Hope you guys ok.

deflatedpumpkin, Jan 2, 3:20am
hey everyone! long time no hear!
happy new year to everyone!god lets hope it will be better than the last year or so!

brilliant., Feb 23, 2:14am
Just popped in to say you were all in my thoughts yesterday.

We shall remember those lost, and cherish what we still have, stand tall, kia kaha Christchurch.

When a city falls - just finished watching this film - was a great doco without over stating the trauma - a really balanced grass roots film which touched at the heart strings BUT without feeling like ones emotions are turned upside down and inside out . recommend watching.

Love to you all.

yaqub, Feb 23, 2:16am
ty rj.

brilliant., Apr 5, 1:31am
Just passing through and just stopped to say hello, and while I don't post much on TMMB anymore I certainly have not forgotten you all.Hope you are doing okay.

canuck44, Apr 5, 4:57am
Hi Everyone. Yup Im stil around and sorry havent been posting much. Hi Welly and yaqub xxxxHappy Easter Everyone

yaqub, May 20, 12:18am
ah, thought this thread had gone.but here it is.

Sorry to hear that rj.I hope it is all sorted now.

Just found something someone sent to me.

Hope the link works.

jcmp21, May 20, 12:31am
The reason the VMN name doesn't change is because it uses the trademe member number as this will never change. As for the rest well you can choose the company you keep but you cant complain if that gets you alienated from others.

brilliant., May 20, 2:29am
Thanks for the info on the VMN anomaly, great to know.

Yes I can choose the company I keep, that is called being an adult.

But if I am judged by the company I keep, that is childish and petty, considering I am friends with other Christchurch posters and some mainly post in your group.

I should be judged for my behaviour and I have never given any Christchurch poster ongoing harrassement just because of who they are friends with.

Neither have I spread lies about posters.

Fortunately some have shown they are adults and do not hold me responsibile for the behaviour of others.

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