Draft plan - opinions?

samanya, Aug 12, 1:27am
From what I've heard so far .I like it especially this.
" The Avon River is likely to play a more prominent role in the central city, after residents and experts expressed concerns about how it had been used.

The river will have a 30-metre setback on each side, allowing the council to develop a green belt for pedestrians and cyclists. Cycleways are also proposed through the city. "

samanya, Aug 12, 3:04am
Thanks for that, tahlia.
It's going to take time, but I think we can have a vibrant (but different) city again.

patti7, Aug 12, 4:54am
Some good things to come - hope I live long enough to see it all Lol!

ken158, Aug 12, 7:59am
Re #3.

I like this.
""Rather than spend millions of $$ on seriously damaged ground, a lake could be built between the Avon River and Bexley Rd. This could also be the case in the Travis Swamp areas as well. With some forethought, the whole area could become very unique to the City overall. Large lakes, waterways and green belts, landscaped beautifully with trees and bushes etc. it would create a wonderful asset for the City.

These would also be good release points for future possible quakes.
The Avon River can be used to feed the lakes, and in turn, the outlet of such a complex could continue as it does now, but with controlled protection for high tides, and enabling them to absorb the River into the lakes when necessary.
Embankments around the area would help retain water within, preventing flooding that is a problem now, and has been for many years in the past.

The lakes could cater for water sports of a number of types. (Swimming, rowing, small yachts, paddle boats to name few.) The areas will be huge.
Suitable green areas could be established around the perimeters combined with the suitable landscaping etc. and island areas set up in the centre could be established as bird sanctuaries.

Cycle ways, walk ways, restricted vehicle access etc. would provide a great, attractive, and well needed amenity. The Kerrs Reach rowing facility could be relocated to the lakesides and be along the lines of the Hood Lake south of Ashburton! All in all, much needed facilities considering all the badgering there has been regarding a facility on the west of the city north of the Airport.

Some modifications to the roads would be needed. However taking into account the massive damage to the roads now, the overall costs would not be affected to any great extent, in the general scheme of things to be done in those areas.""

ken158, Aug 12, 8:09am
Whilst I like it in some ways I think it is too restrictive .

The rowing club has been lost and the yacht club has gone .we need these facilities, as a lot of folk used them, now will have nothing.

addington261, Aug 12, 9:32am
I agree Ken. Tourism would boom. Water sports would get a massive boost and our city would be beautiful.

mme, Aug 12, 12:35pm
I like & strongly support of the Avon River Parkbut remember the Govt & Brownlee do not


The announcement on Thursday that the Government would buy about 5000 predominantly riverside properties snaking through the city's east raised hopes among environmental groups and urban planners that a permanent green corridor would occupy at least some of the abandoned land.

However, Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee scotched that idea yesterday.

"It's not our intention that it will become a park," he said.

"We still consider that remediation is a long-term option."

He said the land was being bought to give insured property owners the chance to leave so it could be remediated.

"We obviously want to see it kept in a tidy condition, so as houses are vacated they will be demolished," he said. "The land will be simply, I would imagine, just put into a rolling flat-type state and grassed."

So they own it not Chch! Sucky & stupid. Obviously the Avon Water Park would be an asset to attract tourist & residents to Christchurch.

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