Is there cellphone reception at Lake Coleridge?

dgriffnz, May 14, 4:13am
Just got back from there; it's patchy at best, but 3G did work so iPad wasn't totally useless. All txts went to and from OK.

ken158, May 14, 10:27am
On the old 025 system I could use my car phone in a number of places between ChCh and Hokitika . having to go onto the XT system by 31 July
and looking at the map it does not look very good for all the money they
have spent. surely it could have been better.
not keen on the XT after all their stuff ups after they installed it.
Not excited at all!

ralphdog1, May 14, 10:41am
Would have thought with your level of knowledge that you would grasp the complexity (and cost) of providing blanket coverage across areas with topography like the Coleridge!
Next you will be grizzling that call charges are too high.and no, I don't work for Telecom.

cutex01, May 14, 12:11pm
Haha random old thread! :P

Four of us were on Telecom. NO coverage AT ALL (and that's on the old system and 3G).But two had Vodafone. one bar. just enough to get a text through if needed.Esp when we had to check on family after a good rattler on New Years Eve which we actually felt up that way.

But yeah, was random to see this, haha.I was thinking "Haven't I read this before!" and then noticed that I'd started it!

cutex01, Dec 28, 1:56am
Hoping there is, am asking on behalf of my brother if anybody knows!

rgmintrom, Dec 28, 1:58am
depends of where you are heading. before the turn off to Ryton Bay there is a mark that says cellphone coverage before turn of the bay

cutex01, Dec 28, 2:02am
Thanks for that!May have to go for a wee ride so niece can talk to her mother on the phone then, haha.

robyn35, Dec 28, 2:27am
never was right at the lake when we used to go there but that was about 5 years ago, might be better now

cutex01, Dec 28, 2:30am
Well they have the Terrace Downs resort there now.So could be a possibility.I suppose we'll find out once my brother gets there. :o)

pynylopy, Dec 28, 7:02pm
No coverage at the actual lake or in the village where the baches are, only got it when driving back out of the area on gravel road on way home

greenfruit1, Dec 28, 7:15pm
Like it when there is no coverage, makes for a nice peaceful holiday.

aaron101, Dec 28, 10:51pm
my FIL and MIL used to go there every weekend and he'd txt and ring us when needed. or we'd txt and he'd ring back fairly quickly after. they were located on the farm in the caravans there

bantamus, Dec 28, 10:52pm

jolene-g, Dec 28, 11:12pm
I didn't have coverage down there, that was right by the lake though.

1973cb, Dec 30, 6:39am
No coverage and we go there fishing

cutex01, Dec 30, 6:58am
We're staying in the township. brother went through Windwhistle a few mins back and texted me to say there's coverage, so all good so far.

dongould, Dec 30, 7:05am
$500 million on a new 3G network. and a few dollars for the CEO's fishing pole.$285m of government funding to expand the mobile networks in rural areas.

You'd really hope that something as basic as a text would work now!

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