OT I need before and after school care

chch21, May 7, 9:03am
I'm looking for someone reliable to look after my boys (6 & 10) for up to 20 hours a week in the North New Brighton area. Including school drop off and pick up. May suit uni student, semi-retired person etc Does anyone know someone who loves children and maybe wanting to make some extra $!

taniakaa, May 7, 10:07am
Yup I know of someone how can I make contact with you!

taniakaa, May 7, 10:09am
I put my email on your auction

charlieb2, May 7, 10:42am
try putting a notice in your school newsletter #1, maybe a local school mum would be interested

virgogirl1983, May 7, 10:45am
I would but my dogs would eat them :P

chch21, May 8, 5:36am
Hi there, I've emailed you more details, thanks:)

abbeydraper, May 8, 9:13am
hey im in north brighton and could be keen. You can email me at abs_chic AT hotmail DOT com

chch21, May 8, 9:31am
Have emailed some details now

_amy_1, May 8, 10:17am

does before and after school care.

chch21, May 9, 12:27am
Thanks, but my boys are already in a OSCAR programme. I'd prefer them to not be; after a busy day at school I'd like them to be able to just have some chill out time etc

chch21, May 12, 12:41am
Bumping incase anyone else is interested:)

taniakaa, May 12, 2:51am
Did my friend get back to you!

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