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smoth_007, May 6, 8:06am
bumping - Any news!

jessebird, May 6, 8:18am
Its bad enough!

martin11, May 7, 9:08pm
Yes there was an article in the paper about them a while ago ,someone wanting to buy the site but they will not sell it !

galfie24, May 9, 8:02am
Use the land to build a Temple for THE NEW ORDER.

galfie24, May 9, 8:44am
The govt. should make a law to claim any undeveloped lands in a city CBD 1st given a deadline to owners to develope otherwise govt can use as it please for the community. Its an eyesore.

smoth_007, May 19, 12:27am
What's the story with this site! What an eyesore.

Can't they do something with it! It's a pretty good location.

ken158, May 19, 12:39am
Would be a great area for a new bus terminal area etc??

crazy56, May 19, 12:46am
ken that would be a great idea metro has said that they are thinking of a new place for the bus exchange and that would be a good place to have it

ebeater, May 19, 12:47am
Is it Ngai Tahu land too !

dolphin1nz, May 19, 1:02am
Was looking at that very same site the other day and thinking what a waste of land too. Just sitting abandoned. Temporary housing maybe! Bus depot sounds feasible.

greenfruit1, May 19, 1:07am
I think a foriegn person owns the site, Think they were Korean. This was a long time ago.

tombstoneinc, May 19, 1:31am
Can't the Govt / CERA seize the land under some disaster based legislation! Perfect place for a bus exchange. Bloody eyesore as it is now.

blackcats13, May 19, 1:37am
Pretty sure that the new motorway goes through there doesnt it,links to Blenheim Rd or something.

craftylady1, May 19, 1:38am
It belongs to Nga Tahu

aimeelouwhite, May 19, 1:39am
It's been sitting in a sad state for years :-(

ken158, May 19, 1:42am
It could be that CERA can under the powers they have now. imo.
The rail is there on west side, and sure it would need a bit of additional work for a suitable siding BUT it is a good site for buses going in or out. Whatever, but not in the CDB as such.
I believe all the freight operations should be moved further away from CDB too.
That would free up a lot of land!

angel161, May 19, 1:43am
That would be a great idea Ken, would save on all the traffic through town.

dolphin1nz, May 19, 1:48am
Bloody Wilsons Pay and Display seem to have the monopoly on buying vacant land and charging for parking. Just looking around town today and they are everywhere. Seem to have taken over some sections of newly demolished buildings or am I wrong!

craftylady1, May 19, 1:49am
That site always features on "Eyesore places in CHCH " in the papers from time to time.great place to take wedding pics though

annie_kiwi, May 19, 2:01am
It belongs to Nga Tahu - get onto them about it

itsirk, May 19, 2:10am
I think you're right. Went over to Riccarton the other nite. Parked in a so-called Wilsons carpark. I'm sure it was where several shops tumbled in Sept.
All it was, was bare gravel with meters and warnings signs all over it.

Also, I wonder if theres a clause in a council bylaw that prohibit the stockyards from being demolished - might be protected under some historic places act or something !

tideman, May 19, 2:13am
It does not belong to Ngai Tahu.
It belongs to an Asian who was having a row with the CCC over zoning.
He wanted to build apartments there, but it is zoned light industrial.
Several years ago, he got the pip and said "Bugger you, if you won't let me do what I want, I'll just leave it to become an eyesore."
And there it sits.

aimeelouwhite, May 19, 2:17am
Well that would be a bad investment presently in my opinion. as it is the council will have to give free parking to get people in there. even then - it's gonna be quiet. parking won't exactly be at a premium. It was bad enough after the September quake getting people back in there.

kjs31, May 19, 2:17am
My sister is a waste water engineer. It needs extensive work to redrain underneath. Just remember stock have been there for years doing their business and the high chemical damage to the ground and land underneath is not really suitable for apartments etc. It probably does need to be light industrial or bus exchange etc she said.

timmytime2, May 19, 2:26am
Doesn't everything.

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