United Video edgeware

chchcouple, May 4, 12:21pm
Bump.updated photos and info on their facebook page.Getting closer to reopening.

wizzball, May 4, 7:29pm
Wow didn't realise quite how long it had been shut!Almost a whole year :(

spidermac1, Jun 4, 6:42am
My mate has some games that he hired out at United Video. he asked me what does he do now. as hes still got them

how would he send it back!

wizzball, Jun 4, 6:50am
I would say hang on to them for now - just don't lose them - the video shop might be able to find a new premises.

chchcouple, Jun 4, 8:30am
My father-in-law owns the shop. I think you can still put them in the returns box and he is collecting them. Otherwise just hold onto them as he has all his computers out, so still knows who has what.

spidermac1, Jun 4, 8:36am
Thanks :) will tell my mate

groovyroseanne, Jun 4, 9:00am
chchcouple- you should get him to put something in the paper about it.
When i was getting veges from the carpark today there were atleast 5 people in the 15minutes i was there asking people if they knew what they should do with their games/vids.
Also the vege dude said that you wont be able to access the drop off box from next week anyway as it will all be cordoned off and closed for atleast 3 months

chchcouple, Jun 4, 9:15pm
United Video Edgeware - MESSAGE FROM THE OWNERS:

DVDs/Games etc can be returned to any United Video Shop in Christchurch (look up phone book for closest).Alternatively, they can be left at the Pharmacy across the rd (corner of Columbo and Edgeware Rd).Many thanks.

go_redandblack, Jun 4, 10:56pm
Those shops are completely fenced off now

chchcouple, Jun 5, 12:47am
Yip they are, thus the update message above :-)

shells23, Jun 5, 12:55am
huh! i was just there the other day and it was open whats closed off and why!

go_redandblack, Jun 5, 1:02am
Not entirely sure myself - have heard roof is unsafe and so are some walls.

chchcouple, Jun 14, 10:38pm
You will be able to follow the progress of United Video Edgeware by following the page below.


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