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tongie, Mar 17, 8:51pm
Hi there, I have started this thread in General and Real Estate as well.does anyone have one of these systems!Are they great and help with condensation etc.!We live in Rolleston, 5 year old 4 bedroom home and the condensation is terrible!How much does it cost to intall!Thanks heaps, Kate ;o)

portchester, Mar 17, 8:58pm
dont bother with HRV as we had one and was useless and many other people have said same thing

tongie, Mar 17, 8:59pm
Thanks heaps for the feedback!

helmont, Mar 17, 9:05pm
We've got HRV.Best decision we ever made.

minnihaha, Mar 17, 9:05pm
Hi there. We had our HRV system installed just before winter last year for the same reason that you're thinking about it. We decided to go with HRV because the benefits of that system outweighed the quality of DVS. I'm not throwing DVS under the bus because I know people who are happy with them. One of the main reasons we went with HRV was for the health benefits for our kids as it has a hospital grade filter. Hope this helps. Cheers.

gakbarr, Mar 17, 9:09pm
We got a 'driveair" in our house, before in winter, a puddle would appear on the bathroom window sill, the day after it was installed, no condensation, no puddle. Smart systems is the company you want to call. And the system they fit is a lot cheaper than HRV

katstillwell, Mar 17, 9:16pm
We have a DVS, we haven't had condensation since we put it in - it was around $2000.Would never go without one again :)

bedbreakfast, Mar 17, 9:37pm
open the window

smoff79, Mar 17, 9:42pm
i agree open the windows every day and most new homes are built to hold all the heat but they have no natural ventalation.We had mositure master hated it and brother has hrv hates losnay or put hrv in search fuction up top for past year makes for interesting reading.

tool_shop173, Mar 17, 9:43pm
We have an HRV and wish we hadnt bought one. All the hype and crap on TV about warming ya house up etc is utter lies. I remember when I got home from work in the winter, when it was cool out side but sunny the house was nice and warm. When we got the HRV installed the bloody thing was always moving air around and the house was considerably colder. Hospital grade filters.meh, who cares they get dirty pretty quickly and dont get one of the HRV muppets to come out and change it for you as they have slack workmanship and charge heaps. We never got them to do our filters we just went to Filtercorp and purchased our own and did it ouselves. HRV maybe ok for very old houses but ours was only 4years old and did stuff all.

captaingraham, Mar 17, 9:53pm
Range hood and bathroom extract fans used correctly will take care of the problem. also, how do you heat the house. If using a freestanding gas heater, dump it.

katstillwell, Mar 17, 9:57pm
You are right tool_shop173, we had the HRV guys around and they were all about hype/hard sell etc, maybe it's just the rep we had!We went with DVS instead and have never regretted it - our house was built in 1979, popped double glazing in too, would never go back :)The improvement is huge.

And DVS send the filters out with instructions so you can DIY :)And I'm not in league with DVS or anything, just so pleased with the product and the difference it has made.

smoff79, Mar 17, 10:02pm
one time with ours it turned itself on ours was supposed to not switch on over 26 degrees in roof was 38 our kids were in bed doors shut and we had come home from being out i went in and my children were melting the heat was was on full and had heater on full we had to unplag it from the also does blow cold draughts around esp when you stand under them oh and we still had condensation.

tillsbury, Mar 17, 11:53pm
So, with the OP's question, about how much are these things!I just bought a house with one and the tenant think's it's brilliant (used to have it at his old house too, a builder whose opinion I respect).Just wondered whether they were worth the money.

smoff79, Mar 17, 11:59pm
our mm with 5 vents which wrer not actuall needed was nigh on 5k i would have been better putting in another heatpump my brothers was about 3500 with 3 vents.

motleymad, Mar 18, 12:37am
Our HRV is the best thing we ever got for our house, 2 bedroom house with 5 outlets cost us $3500, our house is 11 years old and we have double glazing and had crying windows still, the HRV is not a heater unless you purchase that option. Our daughters cough that even the dr couldn't cure has stopped and we love ours, up to you, that just my opinion x

toweroflondon, Mar 18, 2:40am
We have a DVS (3 outlets) in our 5 bedroom 1940's home.We switch it off in the summer and switch it back on in the winter.No condensation here.It's wonderful.

roshu, Mar 18, 2:44am

mitsi-gurl, Mar 18, 2:52am
I use to work for DVS and highly recommend it =)

markshar, Mar 18, 6:41am
We have put in HRV's in the last 2 houses we owned and loved them so much my siblings and I combined to put one in Mums house.We personally think they are fantastic.We just got a quote for the 3 bedroom we are in now and it was about 4 grand.Seems to have gone up heaps since we got the last one.Really are worth there weight in gold.

jane310567, Mar 18, 9:11am
what a huge amount of varying reports!
We built new a year ago and I obsessed over this for ages. For a new house the heat recovery system is a much better idea but more expensive.
Because of the way our house was built we decided not to have any system. I was concerned about condensation as it had been bad in our old place around the corner. I was warned about it even with double glazing(ours are argon filled and low E).
Anyway, we did not have any at all last winter (5 people in house)- what a relief! We do use the extractor fans tho and our house is very large so not small rooms. We open windows for fresh air.We find the heat pumps help by moving the air around.
Some houses have masses of condensation, even newer ones, why is that!

jane310567, Mar 18, 9:25am
oh, and we talked with the guys from several companies who all said that the plain ventilation system, which most of these are, are not recommended for new houses because they are more airtight and the positive pressure system is not effective.Lossnay and moisture master,I think, have a heat recovery system which would be more suitable.
No point buying something that won't work!
I wonder why you have so much trouble with a newish house!
Is the slab insulated!

richard-, Mar 18, 9:27am
Had an HRV installed 2 years ago-cost around 4thousnd for a five bedroomed house. House was built in the 1960s and had awful condensation with the 7 of us in it-even with diligent use of the bathroom fan and rangehood. Have been very happy with it-it's not a heater, but it will heat the house up once the roof gets warm. The service has been fantastic-even came out and checked to for free when I asked them to after the Feb quake.In a house this age, I wouldn't be without one in Christchurch.

esawers, Mar 18, 9:30am
hrv, 4 vents, $2800

skutother, Mar 18, 9:40am
Keep my windows slighty open all year round as they have locks on them and I never get condensation. Helps with my asthma too.

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