Map of Red Zone

ladybook, May 2, 7:55pm
That map isn't true, it shows us and the surrounding houses as red and we are green/blue TC3. Do they know something we don't!

sumstyle, May 2, 8:00pm
Old thread, ladybrook.

Wish people who bump them would say "why"

sandy286, May 2, 8:02pm
Yes, we are shown as red on this map too, but are green/blue. Wish it were true.

ladybook, May 2, 8:23pm
Oh well, don't need to get excited then, will just sit back and wait a few years to get house fixed :0( (or rebuilt depending on the eqc/insurance argument)

charlieb2, May 2, 8:27pm
What on earth did you bump this for ken!

jill5, May 3, 12:01am
not applicable for most anymore

charlieb2, Jun 24, 1:54am

buttons101, Jun 24, 1:59am
Thanks link to orange zone!

spidermac1, Jun 24, 2:03am
Question. what will they do with the red zone

kyler, Jun 24, 2:04am
Does anyone know if this is accurate.

sunshinemegs, Jun 24, 2:04am
parks, golf courses,'s just not going to be residential but still can be used to for recreation

buttons101, Jun 24, 2:08am
is there maps like this of other zones!

spidermac1, Jun 24, 2:12am
Ahhh okay :)

bantamus, Jun 24, 2:17am

griff30, Jun 24, 2:25am

wayned, Jun 24, 2:31am
The Newstalk map shows areas outside Avondale, Bexley etc.Has Parklands, Brooklands etc, mainly only in Orange, a little Red in Brooklands

ken158, Jun 24, 3:29am
Make the most of these areas.

A huge lake and all the areas set aside for recreation etc around the
outer embankments.
All landscaped. A real touristy attraction.

Rowing club from Kerrs Reach, kids paddle boats, small yachts for kids
to learn with, fishing.
Sports areas as in all sorts ??

dm0044, Jun 24, 4:02am
most of these areas are only 20 years old. the east survived fine b4 and will again. they should have left it as it was. Pacific park was a rubbish dump when i was a girl.

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