Golfaholic or builders tradies ? re concrete tile

Tiles in the older days were secured with wirelater on 70's most were nailed down . Some capings are wired others just motared down

martin11, May 1, 8:28 am

Not all the time depends on the client you still have a choice with them

martin11, May 1, 3:01 pm

If thats the roofing it does not add heaps of bracing specially if its std corrigate

martin11, May 1, 3:03 pm

Answer me this question please.
Is it true that heavy old concrete tile roofsare good because their weight on the bearers and floor joists stops concretepiles from moving cracking riding up during earthquakes!

cloffie, Dec 4, 11:47 am

and another 3 questions
How were the old tiles fixed to the roof frame when they were constructed!
Can they slip out or are they secured!
what holds the capping tiles in place!

cloffie, Dec 4, 11:49 am

am not golfaholic nor a builder - but structural enginer who spent over 5hrs at ours said our concrete tiles are causing ongoing issues with pressure on central internal walls making the hallway drop more with each shake.There's a couple of tonne of concrete on your roof, am not sure how that could be a "good" thing.

jamesnmatt, Dec 4, 11:51 am

jamesnmatt thank you!
I forgot to askabout the pressure on the internal structure.
Studs are bowingin my home
this was noted in theVERY thorough eqc assessment I had in June for Feb.
The EQC assessors that came yesterday said all that was needed was for the wall linings to be re-fixed

cloffie, Dec 4, 11:55 am

Use some logic cloffie,5-6 ton of concrete above your head, maybe more when it's wet and soaked in some of that moisture .

Not a great idea .I have an extension with iron roof and ply cladding, the land under it turned into a river, yet it's still intact and I'm sitting in it right now, just a few cracks .weight is a killer .

AMI assessor told me they are looking at loading premiums for houses with tiled roofs .and encouraging repairs/rebuilds to change to iron .

Gravity holds a lot of the tiles down , every so many are meant to have a nail in them depending on types etc .capping is generally mudded in place with mortar type substance .

golfaholic2, Dec 4, 12:01 pm

You must have a very small house if the concrete tiles ony weight a couple of tonne, I would think that the average is about 7 - 10 tonne.

vanderbel, Dec 4, 12:31 pm

was an example, nothing more LOL I wouldn't have a clue how many tonne she actually has, nor how big her house was.

jamesnmatt, Dec 4, 12:34 pm

I was pointing out how much weight is above many peoples heads all the time, this is something that most people don't think much about, or didn't before the earthquakes started, I don't think that I would like to live in a house with concrete or clay tiles.When I finally get to rebuild, I'll be using long run corrigated iron, average house lot is about 1.5 tonne.

vanderbel, Dec 4, 12:41 pm

And adds a heap of bracing dont forget vanderbel

golfaholic2, Dec 4, 12:42 pm

I was told that some of my damage is due to the weight of the concrete tiles on the roof adding extra pressure when the house lifted and twisted.My dads house in the red zone has an iron roof and although the land liquefied horrendously his house internally is still in good condition compared to mine.

robyn35, Dec 4, 12:44 pm

We will wait here for you while you weigh cloffies roof and report back.

jcmp21, Dec 4, 12:54 pm

Thank you Golfaholic I was trying very hard to understand the logics of this when the EQC WOMBLEmade this comment yesterday

cloffie, Dec 4, 12:56 pm

my house is not bigabout 80 sq metres built in 1950s
$115K Cira assessed by Stream group for Tower Insfor Sept Quake
EQC assessment yesterday! house maynot need to be Fletcher managed.
overheard re cracks in stucco! 'most pre-existing we could slap paint on two walls.
Piles! a couple damaged which means by some divine intervention 15 or so have self repaired since Stream assessment

cloffie, Dec 4, 1:00 pm

we were in 100sqm with concrete tile roof - were told the weight contributed the the land being unable to sustain the structure.

bigrichie, Dec 4, 1:04 pm

Our house is a Golden homes, Concrete tile roof, Brick walls etc. We had only minor cosmetic damage. The houses down the road from us numbers 1 to 9 (we are 11) all had roof iron of different sorts. All are demolition.
But yet the there are 3 of us with concrete tile and all only suffered minor damage!
So out of 13 houses 3 of those with concrete roofs survived alright.

greenfruit1, Dec 4, 1:10 pm

how old are the Golden homes Greenfruit!

cloffie, Dec 4, 1:59 pm

Hey! Don't be so mean to Wombles. They're lovely wee creatures. I'm pretty sure your assessors were muppets. And not the nice ones, either.

luluweezie, Dec 4, 2:11 pm

aw sorry Lulu!mistaken identity
I think they might have been muppets.

cloffie, Dec 4, 2:16 pm

7 - 8 years old.

greenfruit1, Dec 4, 5:09 pm

A house with concrete floor wont buckle etc the same under a tiled roof as a wooden floored piled house ,and comparing with neighbouring houses means nothing unless they have the same land damage under them

All this talk of new foundations etc is a crock .a house fully piled "no concrete ring foundation" is way easy to repair .it's what I'd be building for myself if the insurance cover was never to return .

golfaholic2, Dec 4, 5:39 pm

Golden Homes use steel framing, not timber this could have something to do with why the handled the quakes differantly.

vanderbel, Dec 4, 5:44 pm

The framing provides next to no bracing in a house , steel frame or other wise .if the land under a house fails, the house will suffer .
A major land failure will see timber frames perform better IMO "Ive not seen any data / test results to be sure" but with over 25yrs experience working with both timber and steel framing, I can say timber buckles , it can move on its fixing a tad .steel has little give , it will fail quite substancially instead of bending , and most fixings would shear off .

That said tho , the bracing etc in homes built over the last 30-40 years is over engineered beyond what is needed to keep the roof above our heads in what's proved to be probably the biggest , most violent shake to hit a populated areas in history.

What is undeniable tho ,is the more weight that is above us and around us, has contribulted to the subsidence under us when the land failed .and worsened the damage to the houses .
Any exceptions will be pure luck that the land is more stable and less prone to liquefacation

golfaholic2, Dec 4, 8:11 pm

With you there, was talking to a council inspector just yesterday about it, he can't understand why they don't insist on it.We had a house (fully piled) with damage to the piles and got it fixed and repiled for $3k.All future houses we're doing the same, and with tin roofs too.

tillsbury, Dec 4, 9:21 pm

What was ever the advantage of other roofing material over good iron!Just the less maintenance that would be needed on the others!

bob955, Dec 4, 10:31 pm

wow!this is sterling information.I have learnt heaps .
and this here mere female was pretty sure that the comment made about the concretetiles by assessor was wrong.
Maybe they need to go have a look around the likes of Locksley Ave!

cloffie, Dec 5, 12:11 am

It was mistaken belief that brick and tile was "permanent material".
It didn't turn out to be very permanent around where I live.

mm12345, Dec 5, 6:23 am

I sent an email to the head engineer doing the testing of foundations at QE2 , showed photos of the major land damage under the 30m2 room I built last year, and outlined it's construction and the minor damage , also explained how I pushed certain aspects of the building code to the limits and how that contributed to the damage .
Also how I went overboard on some areas of the code,and how that helped limit the damage,and outlined several minor tweaks to building practices that would have seen the damage been even less ,as well as aiding in reducing the costs of repair .
Never got a reply .

All they want to do is come up with expensive systems , that they can make $$ from .

golfaholic2, Dec 5, 7:42 am

Golfaholic EQC guys said all claims and damage are being collated on each property.
I have had 3 assessments.
the inconsistancies and missed damages are gobsmacking !
what was picked up as damage from September was noted as pre-existing damage in the one I had on Friday.
for example 2 walls of the house stucco cracking was said to be pre-existing and they were muttering about painting and repairing just two external walls!
in September 4th 2010assessment[done inNovember 2010] which I have in front of me all walls were damaged

cloffie, Dec 5, 8:02 am

It's a circus

golfaholic2, Dec 5, 8:13 am

It cant be circus!

The circus workers are better trained than EQC.

Circus can put on a performance and EQC cant even perform a simple house check!

catkur, Dec 5, 8:37 am

Add in the insurance companies , the CCC just to name a few more acts in the show

golfaholic2, Dec 5, 11:45 am
I would LOVE to be able to see what is in here!

cloffie, Dec 5, 1:08 pm

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