Does anyone know the building requirements

martin11, Apr 30, 9:17pm
Rubbish above , We have just done a 6.0 x 6.0 versitile garage kit set and put it 300mm of the side boundry and had to put a fire wall on that side . no problems just a few extra studs and 10mm fireline gibtotal cost was just under 13,000 incl gst .
Consent was approx $ 650 (part of the above price . We also put mesh in the slab and dpc under it . Cheers

kiwicarol, Apr 30, 10:01pm
often they need to moved from boundary due to ( cant think of the term) but is due to the shadows from roof height that affect neighbouring properties. as in shade on there house or yard. I had to move my sleepout that was to be 1m to 1.8 from the back boundary for this reason. Tis 1 meter from the other side boundary. I could have had it on the that boundary with a frewall but chose not to. ( It a Versatile one)

martin11, Apr 30, 10:03pm
Called resession planeKiwicarol

golfaholic2, May 1, 4:39am
Seems we have a new troll on site .digging back 6-7 months to drag up stuff to put his 10 cents worth in .
More input the better tho , but not sure about digging so far back .

The reason I said it would be "very difficult" is because of the window/door details . if it's a bare wall it isnt so hard . no need for cavity batterns !

A 30 minute fire rating all that was required for the wall !Ones Ive worked with were 1 hr . they were hard against the boundary tho

martin11, May 1, 4:44am
A fire wall on on boundary is 30min in the building codesand is not allowed to have windows or doors in it( no flashing problems and it has to have cavity battens . Winstones actually put out a detail for the wall that satisfies most requirements and councils

kiwicarol, May 1, 4:48am
thanks that's the one.

ken158, May 1, 10:22am
Thinks it knows all too !

bookman2, May 1, 10:50am
That all depends which living zone you are in.If you are putting a garage in living 3 you can be only 1.2 metres from the front boundary. The crucial thing is that you can turn around inside your own property.

martin11, May 1, 9:10pm
CCC requirements 30/30/30

sjw8, Oct 2, 4:08am
or restrictions etc for building a garage on a green zone property please!I am keen to do this but am not sure if the building code has changed etc (actually i don't know what it was before either!).
Thanks for helping

robyn35, Oct 2, 4:13am
all I know is it isnt allowed to be too close to the boundary fence or the house, not that that helps much

fiatnut, Oct 2, 4:27am
And you will have to get a permit from the council and nowadays that is going to cost horrendously more than previous and the old charges were bad enough.

golfaholic2, Oct 2, 4:55am
Your actually way off the mark robyn .

There is no reason a garage cant be attached to a house , and unlike a house which cant be closer than 1800mm to the boundary , a garage can in fact be built against it .as long as the walls are fire rated .

sjw8, Oct 2, 5:03am
ahh, you sound knowledgeable.can you let me know more please!

robyn35, Oct 2, 5:18am
well when we had our versatile garage built it wasnt allowed to be right in the corner of the section because it was too close to the boundary fence, council wouldnt give a consent for it until it was moved slightly into the section more.

golfaholic2, Oct 2, 5:19am
Partially quoting what my architect told me when I briefly chatted with him a few weeks ago.Im only guessing about the garage attached to the house,but logic tells me if you can build a house with attached garage then why couldnt you add one .
You will need a permit .Id ring one of those garage/shed outfits , and quiz them about their product , and query the permit issues while they try to sell you on their shit lol .
There is a size limit to sheds and the like that dont need permitting , but I'm fairly sure something big enough to have a car in , would be over that limit, 3mtr by 3mtrs from memory

golfaholic2, Oct 2, 5:22am
The Versitile garage would be the easiest and cheapest probably , they might even take care of the permit issues for you .
I have an inclination the garages are a kitset type thing , and adding fire rating is probably not possible , or very difficult considering the nature of the construction , I may be wrong tho .
This would explain the bounary/council issues .may have been other factors tho , like buildings on the other side of the fence maybe

tezw1, Oct 2, 8:13am
Fire rated wall for a Garage is very easy to do. Extra fixings to the bottom plate and studs. 1 layer of 10mm fyreline gibboard to both sides of frame. buidling paper and cavity battens then cladding on.
Most of the kitset garages use this detail or something similar when building within 1m of the boundary.

vivienney, Oct 2, 10:02am
Think there is a restriction of 5.5 m from roadside boundary.

poppy41, Oct 2, 10:18am
golfaholic is right,there is a size limit & the firewall thing too.
We found out the hard way lol
Ours was only a wee shed & turned into the biggest pain in the .

golfaholic2, Oct 2, 6:07pm
It would make sense to have flexiblility in the kitset design .would only involve a few items in the set to change .I'm not 100% sure on the rating required tho, possibly it varies between a large shed and a garage that would house a car .
I recall doing a mates garage last year ,and that required a 60min rating , which is 13mm fyreline each side .in saying that tho , 1 end actually formed the boundary and was against a driveway . the other side had the same rating but may have been more generic if you know what I mean .possibly could have kept the 13mm on the intersecting wall a sheet from the corner , then bullshitted it back to 10mm to save a few $$ .but the Ive found councils cant think laterally , it's follow the drawings or else
It's likely some spec's vary from council to council .

bergkamp, Oct 2, 8:21pm
whatever you do .dont listen to the clowns on this mssgebrd trying to tell you x needs to be 30/30/30 15 0r 60 or that this or that is not possibleetcetc .engage a competent builder /architector/and talk to your local council .

golfaholic2, Oct 2, 8:42pm
CCC do have a restriction for distance from the road as said above , and it is around the 5-6 mtr mark .5.7 rings a bell for some reason .

For sale .love it .I hate authority .bucking it makes life way more interesting lol

chappeople, Oct 2, 8:54pm
Have a look at this. Fire rating
If the garage was damaged in the earthquake you do not need a permit or consent to rebuild. As long as it is on the same footing

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