The Red Shed, recycling place

That was in Pages Rd - where is it now!

I though someone said it was in Blenheim Rd - but does anyone know whereabouts - either the number or what else it's close to!

My daft cat has broken the knob on the lid of my crockpot and so I'm looking to replace it.


calista, Apr 28, 1:30 pm

Eco Shop in Blenheim Road,before the warehouse

robyn35, Apr 28, 1:32 pm


harrislucinda, Apr 28, 5:23 pm

Num 161 from memory. You can't miss it .

kimmy06, Apr 28, 5:53 pm

191 blenheim rd.after the caltex (!) and before the warehouse, Apr 28, 7:57 pm

I look for the McKenzie and Willis shop on the left and then the Eco Store is the big black shop with lots of parking not much further along.You could also try asking on Freecycle if anyone has a surplus crockpot and/or lid.

enzedda, Apr 28, 10:18 pm

Thanks everyone, I needed to get as close as possible as I hate cycling in Blenheim Rd and the precise directions given abovewill help me do that.

calista, Apr 29, 7:41 am

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