Abbey Bells

This thread is from a year ago, April 2011,and is about to disappear off the forum - so am bumping, because. well, because clearly back then we most of us never would have dreamed that the Cathedral could ever be slated for total demolition! What a difference a year makes, aye.

Hard not to tear up listening to the cathedral bells in the video link above. So what's going to happen to them now!

dreamingofbali, Apr 29, 1:07 am

St Micheals ring their bells they mean alot more to me, because I used to work in town and would hear them all the time

slimgym, Apr 29, 4:21 am

Some of the bells are cracked I think.But they could be fixed or recastat the foundry in England

olwen, Apr 29, 7:39 am

I had a tear to my eye when I heard the bells ring out at the Abbey while watching the Royal wedding knowing the CHCH Cathedral bells have been silenced by that b***h Mother Nature.

retroqueen1, Apr 30, 10:16 pm

Me too!

helmont, Apr 30, 10:28 pm

I noted with interest reference to fixing the cath, the bisil but not the arts center, in the press today.

The bells will be back.

dongould, Apr 30, 10:31 pm

The Bells better be back or I will stamp my feet in anger

retroqueen1, Apr 30, 10:32 pm

When the bells are back it will be a celebration of Christchurch.

Are the bells themselves broken!If not they could rig up a temporary frame. I read that was done before the Wellington carillion was installed in it's tower.

olwen, Apr 30, 10:56 pm

I thought the very same thing!

lisa418, May 1, 6:54 pm

that makes me so sad - would love to her them again

tomytidlemouse, May 1, 6:57 pm

Nice one :)

lambrat, May 1, 6:58 pm

Are the bells still ok,any damage I mean!

suzyf, May 1, 7:25 pm

A solidier on a cordon told me he saw them still lying on the ground :0(

kimmyflo, May 1, 9:21 pm

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