Preschools in area of northcote school

jordyalex, Apr 22, 11:51pm
does anyone know of any preschools in that area,for a 3 year old , 20 free hours,and doesnt charge through the nose for fees with the 20 free hours please thanks

winkadink, Apr 23, 8:16pm
I would consider using Home based care. I have had a lot of parents come to us because it's very affordable.

joanemma, Apr 23, 8:44pm
Kidsfirst kindergartens Northcote.

jordyalex, Apr 23, 9:58pm
never thought about it till my sister mentioned it today , do u qualifiy for 20 free hours through that !

100peaks, Apr 23, 10:20pm
There's one at Redwood by the library- and a Kindy near there too. It depends what you're using the service for- as to the kind of care you want.

nightsky1, Apr 23, 10:44pm
If you wanted to go a little further north, the Kidsfirst Kindergarten at Belfast is really wonderful and the staff are lovely.My children are all at school now, but were looking through their kindy books just last night and remembering what fun they had.

jordyalex, Apr 24, 4:55am
both of these have no spaces , and also i need a preschool as i need full days ,thanks

guardy, Apr 24, 8:43am
Redwood Edukids is across the road from the library.It's fantastic but not sure it there's any spaces though.

andrac63, Apr 24, 9:26pm
bit further away but space available

zampolitandy, Apr 24, 10:45pm
behind Redwood library is the community preschool, as was said across the road is Edukids and further up is the monteressoi (or however you spell it)up Cranford St opp Placemakers is another one

angusmum, Apr 24, 10:52pm
I use edukids on main north road, opposite the Kindy and preschool

jordyalex, Apr 24, 11:25pm
edukids was to expensive , and the kindy and the community preschooll have no spaces , havent tryed the montesori one yet but wil do thanks

100peaks, Apr 24, 11:27pm
Make sure you check the ERO reports. Some of the EC centers in that area I personally wouldn't consider. Good luck.

kimmyflo, Apr 25, 12:56am
Gumdrops ELC ,on Greers Road. 20 free hours , WINZ subsidys, open 7.30-5.30. 3 of my 4 children have gone still there now

condor, Apr 25, 7:42pm
You need to check those ero reports there will be reasons for vacancies if any

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