Queenspark School

lisa921, Apr 21, 8:07pm
Hey I'm just wondering if anyone has some 2nd hand gear they are looking to sell. Looked on here and got a polar fleece. My boy starts New Entrants in week 3 of term 2.

andrew697, Apr 21, 8:38pm
Suggest you put a notice in School Newsletter.

chris.ness, Apr 21, 9:51pm
They had a second hand uniform sale at the end of term one. You could try phoning the office to see if it's possible to view what didn't sell.

lisa921, Apr 22, 2:47am
Awesome thank you. Going in there during the week for stationary will ask then.

golfr, Apr 22, 4:36am
Try putting a notice in the Fresh Choice Supermarket board. something might scare up for you

louise183, Apr 22, 7:36am
I've got a sweatshirt (nearly new) and sweatpants if you want them. Also got the old polar fleece they've replaced

louise183, Apr 22, 7:39am
Plus the lady who deals with 2nd hand uniforms for the school, the office will be more than happy to get you in touch with her

lisa921, Apr 22, 7:53am
Yeah the polar fleece I bought is the old one. am tossing up whether or not to risk it. Would love the sweatshirt and pants. could you pop up an auction :)

frogs61, Apr 22, 8:45am
Hi i have alot of Queenspark uniform available .you can contact me via my auctions.

lmk28, Apr 22, 10:11pm
go to the reception she will give you the name and number of the person who does the uniform sales and arrange a time to meet her at the school to look through all the stuff in the storage shed i got a few sweatshirts for $2 and tshirts for $5 all in very good condition

lucys-dad, Apr 23, 1:35am
postie plus at brighton had some of the old logo t-shirts etc for $5 unsure aboutsmaller sizes . my daughter been wearing them for term one and nobody has said anything. Only difference is new logo has a black outline! Good Luck

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