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libby64, Jan 5, 7:02pm
How long should we have to wait for a re-issue of a cheque, incorrectly named in the first place due to eqc assuming I was married when clearly on our insurance we are not. Been 5 weeks and nothing has been done yet! Yes we are lucky to have been seen and sorted but you would think it would be in EQC interests to sort an already closed case out, and cross us off the list of annoying callers!

ken158, Jan 5, 8:25pm
**Hello again, I just wanted to make you all aware that from tomorrow a colleague of mine will be covering for me for 3 weeks as I will be on annual leave. He will be using my email address (seberle@eqc.govt.nz) and responding to queries on TM, so it will be business as usual. I know that many of you still have a lot of uncertainty around your claims, but I do hope that you are able to enjoy the holiday season and have a lovely Christmas and New Year. Best wishes, Sabina.

eqcnz (0 )2:43 pm, Thu 16 Dec #183**

Sabina should be back next week all going well from above post.

ken158, Apr 18, 2:41am
How many have made sure they have received the 2 payments!


golfaholic2, Apr 18, 2:48am
Still trying to get our first cap payout . it's a joke

cloffie, Apr 18, 4:06am
ooooh .if rugby changed its rules as much it would become tiddly winks!

ken158, Apr 20, 7:35pm

ken158, Apr 20, 7:36pm
Its a buggar aye!

eqcnz, Apr 22, 2:16am
Hi there, please email us directly, with your claim number and the info you have posted here and we will get this sorted for you. E. seberle@eqc.govt.nz. Thanks, EQCNZ

eqcnz, Apr 22, 2:21am
Hi, this would come under an emergency repair. If it can be fixed for under $2,000 you can organise for this to be done yourself. You can either pay for it and we reimburse you or we reimburse the tradesman - it's up to you. If the repair is over $2,000 then we will organise for the repairs to be done on your behalf through Fletchers on 0800 326 243. We are not able to provide you with an approved tradesman. Best wishes, EQC FB.

eqcnz, Apr 22, 2:27am
Hi Robyn, were the quotes under $2,000! If so, you can go ahead and get the work done yourself. If you cannot find a tradesman to do the work for under $2,000, then you will be passed on to Fletchers. If the repairs are over 2k, best to contact us again (sorry) on the 0800 number and just confirm that you have been passed on to Fletchers. Thanks, EQC FB.

eqcnz, Apr 22, 2:35am
Hi Shazza, It is too early to make decisions about land remediation either in individual properties or across larger areas.
It is clear that there is now greater and more widespread damage to land, particularly in Christchurch??

eqcnz, Apr 22, 2:36am
Sorry to hear that Robyn. Have you now spoken to someone!

eqcnz, Apr 22, 2:38am
Hi Idra, we will ask this question and feed back as soon as we can. Thanks, EQCNZ

eqcnz, Apr 22, 2:43am
Hi Shazza, we are sorry that we haven't been on here as much as we would have liked. Please see the response to your question above. Best wishes, EQCNZ.

eqcnz, Apr 22, 2:51am
Hi, we are very sorry to hear about your friend. However, we don't have an answer on this for you. The decision about suburbs being demolished is one for the government. They will be making an announcement in May on timelines for when more detailed information will be completed and available, and decisions and announcements made- and it is too early to say how long pay outs may take and how this would work. Best, EQCNZ.

eqcnz, Apr 22, 2:56am
Hi Angel, please email it to: claims@eqc.govt.nz and mark it Contents. Here's some extra info for you as well around lodging a contents claim:
Do I need to make a claim for damage to contents! If so, how!

As with any insurance, you need to make a claim for any new damage. If you??

iwattsy, Apr 22, 3:13am
Hi EQC can you tell me how long it is taking for CONTENTS claims to be processed and finalised from 22 Feb , It has taken 7 months for my September 4 claim and I have a lot more to claim from Feb please advise how long it is taking and if any contents have been paid out since Feb 22 many thanks

shazza351, Apr 22, 4:27am
Nope, no help at all. I've already read the press release above. My question was when the report will be released, I can only assume the answer is EQC, in fact nobody involved with EQ recovery has any idea. Thank you.

eqcnz, Apr 22, 5:21am
Hi Idra, The report needs to be at the very least thorough in respect of detailing specific repairs being required.By this we mean detailing materials and resource on a room-by-room basis.

If you have such as report, you can send it to us and then call to discuss matters (say allow 7 business days ).Alternatively, your insurer can contact us direct to discuss handover. Hope this helps, EQCNZ.

eqcnz, Apr 22, 5:24am
Hi - it is a decision that is being made by the government and EQC is only a part of the process. The best information available at the moment is from Gerry Brownlee in the release mentioned above. Hopefully the announcement in May will provide you with the answers you are looking for. Best wishes, EQCNZ

iwattsy, Apr 22, 6:10am
answer please

cantab393, Apr 22, 8:50am
I have had no assessment for the Sept quake yet. My floor seemed to be getting a lot worse so I got a friendto go under the house he discovered that my hot water cylinder has been leaking underneath since the first earthquake and has basically stuffed the floor and will eventually fall through the floor. I rang the 0800 DAMAGE # and spoke to someone who said it would be ref to Fletchers and I would be contacted within 48 hrs that was 3wks ago haven't heard from anyone. I have rung several times since and was last told that I would need an assessment done first and that could take months. I then put a complaint in via your website last Sunday and have heard nothing since.not sure what I can do next, sounds like the cylinder is munted and will need replacing, that with floor is going to be over $2000 .am very concerned the cylinder is going tocrash through the floor and cause way more damage, any ideas!

shazza351, Apr 22, 10:29am
No it will not according to Mr Brownlee. My original question posted above was, given that Gerry had publically stated the May report would not provide information for individual home owners, when we could expect to have that information.

iwattsy, Apr 26, 11:24am
CAN YOU ANSWER MY SIMPLE QUESTION ABOVE, You have answered some alot more complex so please advise

eqcnz, Apr 27, 4:14am
Hi Nicola, Unfortunately there a no timeline for those individual claims. Best EQC.

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