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tool_shop173, Apr 14, 2:47am
The Longest Night

They were on the brink of a miracle. She was trapped in the CTV rubble with four other women, speaking to her husband on her cell phone. They established they could hear each other tapping. An urban search and rescue worker, with the husband, can hear her tapping too.The trapped women are also in contact with 111, calmly awaiting rescue. This is over 12 hours after the collapse. Hours pass.

Why were concrete cutters not brought to that location to save them! Why were heavy diggers used instead! Why didn??

spudy2, Apr 14, 3:06am
theresnodoubtthatmistakesweremadeonthatdayandnight .butgivenallthecircumstanceswouldyouhaveexpectedeverythingtogotoplanasifitwassomesortofDRILL !!arealitycheckisneeded .

spudy2, Apr 14, 3:12am
ifaninquiryfoundsomeonewasnegligentorculpableandsuedthedaylightsoutofthemorimprisonedthem ,thenwouldntthatbeinthebackofpeoplesmindsincasesoffuturedisasters!couldyoublamepeopleforstandingback!

ldbaqbeak, Apr 14, 3:14am
the earthquake killed people.
people did their best to help.
there was no malice or evil intentions by anybody.
it was a tragedy.
blame will not bring anyone back, but just rob others of their quality of life.

melp6, Apr 14, 3:16am
Yes, and it's all very well to fingerpoint NOW, after the event.

No amount of training would replace a real life event, and something as big as the Earthquake is very rare in NZ

fepixie, Apr 14, 3:18am
thats something that has always struck me as very weird too - when you see footage of overseas buildings collapsed theres always the whole neighbourhood helping out, with long lines of people passing rubble from hand to hand and every available helper helping.

here - everyone ran (or was sent) away quick as a flash, and a mere handful of people were expected to rescue everyone.

it somehow dont seem right to me.

spudy2, Apr 14, 3:23am
actuallymr .tooltime , .

simba79, Apr 14, 3:35am
I thought the same lines of people clearing rubble etc.seemed a bit odd

tool_shop173, Apr 14, 3:50am
My sentiments too.

toweroflondon, Apr 14, 3:57am
Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

I take my hat off to all the rescue workers, both NZ and those who arrived from many overseas countries.They worked tirelessly to rescue those still alive and to recover our loved ones bodies.I have no doubt that they themselves have wondered if it could have been done better or differently.

I thank them all and hope like hell that we won't need them again.

dktk, Apr 14, 4:02am
A few of us went back later to help dig and were turned away,
the reason given was that they had to secure buisinesses.
Typical of this before lives!

david_270, Apr 14, 4:05am
I think it was Stephen Fry that said the two most dangerous words in the English language are: "Health & Safety".

The Fire Service in particular had internal issues with their management of events.I think a senior manager was later "moved".
Civil Defence also struggled as was seen later when business owners "stormed" CD HQ at the Art Gallery. John Hamilton didn't consider them relevant to the buildings they occupied.
Sure it was a crisis, but it will be interesting to see what the programme reveals.

bobsicle, Apr 14, 4:38am
People were asked to move back so they could bring in heavy machinery to move concrete faster (or at all). Rows of people moving rubble are a just a flight of fancy for our situation. Very different in other places not constructed from steel and concrete. CTV was also on fire and still suffering endless aftershocks.endangering more people to that extent did not make any sense.

spudy2, Apr 14, 4:42am
thereyougoagain .youAREaconspiracytheorist .

charlieb2, Apr 14, 4:46am

tool_shop173, Apr 14, 4:54am
Crawl back under the rock from whence you came.

dezzie, Apr 14, 5:00am
That could be worded better considering the topic.

sikeres, Apr 14, 5:04am
I have sent the link to this to the principals of the school of the children involved to keep them in the loop.

A lovely family which I was blessed to know their mum.

spudy2, Apr 14, 5:08am andplaytheblamegamepissmeoff!heressomerealityforya!atthetimeofthec.t.vcollapseandfires(5 p.m.-6 30 p.m. )wehadourstreetcornercordonedoffbythearmedoffenders.wewerealltoldtogetinsideourhomesinspiteofaftershocks .wewere infullviewoftheburningc.t.v.buildingthreeblocksaway . weallknewpeopleweretrapped .thiswasallbecausesomemongrelmobprospecthadthreatenedsomeonewithaweapon !iwonderhowthosecopsmusthavefelt.aboutthesameasistillfeelireckon,bloodyangry!

fepixie, Apr 14, 5:10am
it IS hard to say if more people helping would have resulted in more people injured or more people saved (or both).

and nope - i dont think we can lay the entire blame on "earthquakes kill people" - people built those buildings - way less people died out in the open away from buildings - people KNOW earthquakes happen - but still like to think that it wont be near them and happily surround themselves with unsafe in particular is to blame - just the naivety of "people" in general.

bobsicle, Apr 14, 5:16am
it is well documented that the Feb quake was one of if not the quake with the fastest ground speed movement ever recorded. I don't think 'naiivety of people' had anything to do with it. Hind sight is 100%. No construction method can be tested 100% to be safe in all manner of ground movements. The vast majority of buildings stayed up and did not harm anyone. People need to accept that accidents happen, people make mistakes and that not everything in life can be assured.

scout_6001, Apr 14, 6:04am
My initial thought was in agreement with people saying mistakes were made on the day and a reality check was needed, the earthquake killed people, all well to point the finger now, hindsight is wonderful. then I thought what if it had been my husband or one of my children in the CTV building, I would want answers too.Over twelve hours after the collapse of the building search and rescue and her husband could still hear tapping and the woman was in contact with her husband and 111.what went wrong!I hope the poor man is given answers, then he can deal with the outcome.

rose021, Apr 14, 6:16am
lots of experts on this mb here tonight that were involved I can see.

fepixie, Apr 14, 6:16am
yes - people make mistakes - thats what i meant - and the important part is not that a mistake was made - but that people learn from them and dont slip back into complacency just because there hasnt been a huge quake near them in their lifetime or the last 3 generations or whatever.

i suppose part of the problem could be the very long recurrence intervals between large quakes in comparison to the very short gaps between changes in technology. a lack of practice so to speak.not that anyone wants more!

and "ever recorded" is a dodgy one - how long has ground speed measuring equipment been around! - how long have quakes been happening! - whats the average recurrence rate on a faultline! ."ever recorded" is only a blink away.

planespotterhvn, Apr 14, 7:49am
I wondered about the wisdom of heavy diggers sitting on the pile of rubble when not everyone had been found or rescued.sounds like the precarious cavities where people were waiting to be rescued in were collapsed by a digger driving across them.dumb dumb dumb.

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