Pet Friendly Accom. now on petsonthenet!

tophat64, Dec 31, 8:05pm
A great service for cantabs here.Come people your pets are yr family 2.

babyluthi, Jan 1, 3:09am
That is great!

masturbidder, Jan 1, 4:33am
I'm not surprised it is empty, very few LLs allow animals.
With good reason.

aphra1, Jan 6, 6:14am
Thanks for your helpful comment.Are you in Christchurch!There is a great need for this here.

sheree7, Jan 6, 7:27am
Then there are the tenants without pets who trash the rental anyway.generally people who care about their pets also care about their homes.Dog digs a hole in lawn v child ripping/drawing on wallpaper!

cartooncath, Jan 6, 7:29am
bump.I know the day is coming for us.well if anyone comes to fix our, soI support anyone facing it now and anything that helps them find a solution.Thank you so is one of biggest worries what I am going to do when we have to leave the house.

asn, Jan 6, 7:33am
I have properties which allow pets for short or long term rentals, nice to be able to take your pets away with you!

gutlux, Jan 6, 10:29am
alot of families who own homes have pets - so when houses need repairs they will find it hard to find places, yet alot of these people will have respect for where they rent and likley keep the place better than alot of renters just because they won a house and respect others peoples property. Not saying renters are bad - some are and some aren't. I think it is a great idea, it hard enough to deal with the stress of moving and kids being seperated from families etc then having the extra stress of working out how to keep your pets.

goldie666, Jan 6, 11:26am
GOAWAY, you dont even live here .

quintardanes, Jan 6, 2:49pm
I, and others that I know with pets are staying on their property while repairs are being done. Caravans are being organised by fletchers.It is obviously not totally necessary to move off property, but probably more suitable for most.

irvy, Apr 19, 7:45am
A total of 4 properties nationwide . I guess that pretty much says its unanimous, landlords don't want pets in their rentals!

rach2004, Apr 19, 8:59am
What are the good reasons! Because I am renting with a cat and dog waiting for my house to be built - and I must say I didn'thave to repaint a wall because they drew on it with vivid unlike my almost 2 year old - or fix some other marks on the walls made by friends kids or tidy the whole yard after a kids birthday party - so other than picking up the dog doos my animals make way less mess than kids my cat the vaccum cleaner picks up hair - this rental is on the market and you can't tell there are pets here. (opps or kids for that matter LOL) I make sure the place is totally up to open home specs.

aphra1, Jan 1, 4:11am
Great news for Christchurch people who need pet friendly rentals .Lets get this "out there" to help people keep their WHOLE family together.!a=5&b=435
It's new so none offered yet but you can register your need.I'm not affiliated just support anything that lessens the number of animals in shelters.

mirand, Jan 1, 4:13am

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