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mcnic, Apr 8, 10:10pm
This is what happens when MTB gets out of control.Too much bike rage on the Port Hills. if you know who this is, contact the Police or

robyn35, Apr 8, 10:14pm
wow, talk about over reaction, hope somebody recognises him before he does it to anyone else

schnauzer11, Apr 8, 10:15pm
What a creep!best of luck.

mandas, Apr 8, 10:16pm
Wow! Crazy stuff. I'm sure he will be identified.

sumstyle, Apr 8, 10:16pm

dgriffnz, Apr 8, 10:16pm
The fashion police should nab him as well; sideways stripes on a fat puku like that! Criminal. Oh well, he might lose his gut in the slammer - that nutjob should be locked up.

the_don_61, Apr 8, 10:18pm
LOL.Looks like he has a nice bike, a few years old. but good.

Hey I'd be thinking your werent the 1st person of the day to give him stick.

If I remember right that track is better going one way, It looks like you were heading to the heads which is the harder ride.

anyway its a bloody footpath. it was way better 15 years ago when it was a sheep track cut into the hill by the sheep.

deanna14, Apr 8, 10:21pm
I found that so distressing, gross over reaction to something, hope your ok.

noah_moo, Apr 8, 10:21pm
but who knows what he did to make him do that!

hamtostie, Apr 8, 10:26pm
Why didnt the person fight back!

ibcreative, Apr 8, 10:28pm
Too busy filming!

puddles11, Apr 8, 10:32pm
Was this man told to "chillax" at any point during this confrontation!

jcmp21, Apr 8, 10:34pm
With the camera rolling there I would have gone to town on that guy. Perfect to show you were acting in self defence. Just make a copy before you give it to the police though.

jcmp21, Apr 8, 10:34pm
Because they likely thought they would be arrested for fighting also.

plastic-playboy, Apr 8, 10:37pm
Actually it doesn't matter. There's never any excuse to react violently and physically unless in self-defence.

bournesupremacy, Apr 8, 10:38pm
that was faaaaaaaaaarken funny - And good on that guy

the guy with the camera was being a jerk and got a reality check from the bike rider with the yellow top on.

Good on him

kassie48, Apr 8, 10:39pm
Well he obviously didn't get any Easter Eggs, sour guy. Good luck in catchinghim.

noah_moo, Apr 8, 10:40pm
and they want police to do something what a joke more important thuings to do then waste time on silly stuff like that.

plastic-playboy, Apr 8, 10:40pm
Take it to the You Know You're From Chch facebook page, Flat Man's facebook, etc others similar . someone from there is bound to know him

noah_moo, Apr 8, 10:43pm
should of smacked him back, was he a chicken or something why stand and tak it

yeahm8, Apr 8, 10:52pm
Did the guy object to having his rear video'd on cam!.I'ld be ashamed to have my potbelly on cam

bookman2, Apr 8, 11:08pm
We never saw what the whole story was though ,did we! What went on in the preceeding 5 mins! Why the need for helmet cam! Do you often get dealt to! Maybe you need an attitude check OP.

spudy2, Apr 8, 11:40pm

scout_6001, Apr 8, 11:47pm
Yes I agree bookman, something else obviously went on before this bit of taping.

samargh, Apr 8, 11:48pm
This. My first thought was that this is the follow up of a prior incident why is that not being shown and why chase him and confront him over it! Clearly the prior incident has emotions running high and commonsense would dictate that another incident wasn't going to end well.

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