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trendy_kids, Apr 5, 10:52am
My husband and I woke at 3.45am this morning to the loud sound of the toilet in our ensuite back flushing. I fumbled around to find the light switch in the bathroom and the water was almost up to the top of the bowl . then all of a sudden it sucked down. Yes, there just happned to be one of those suction trucks at the end of our drive at that time of the bloody morning. Lights flashing, men out there joking / talking loudly and having a fag with their truck running for about half an hour. NOT IMPRESSED. We are in Parklands (the good bit) Imagine my horror when I was driving home and get a text from hubby to say he got home to the mess of the toilet explosion all over the floor and wall. CRAP . well not quite, just toilet paper and watery substance. What a mess!

cloffie, Apr 5, 11:26am
Take no notice of young Andrew Weasel he is the product of an eruption

iamkat, Apr 5, 12:38pm
wow this thread is almost a year old -I got a big surprise to see I had replied to it until I realize its from June of last year~ way back when I used to live in Chch - and for the record we didnt get to flush our loo until mid september and then being ungrateful we moved out in November LOL Thanks to Lizzy for buying our place

madclan, Apr 5, 6:16pm
all of our drainage is blocked and playing up since the work on the st has been situated righ outside our house.hope its cos of them not a plumbing issue

craftee, Apr 5, 8:12pm
Haha iamkat I thought it was a new thread until I read my post too!Just an update though. we had the dreaded blowback!It was really yucky there was water and bits of melted toilet paper everywhere.I probably should've called the council but we only have one bathroom here which has the toilet, bath and shower in it so I couldn't have waited for a day while they sent out a cleaner.
Because we were using the chem loo, after I'd cleaned everything, the flush toilet was closed and weighted with a 10 ltr paint pail.Months later when we got our laterals fixed I lifted the lid and there was the nastiest red mould/alien growing on the underside.I must not have gone over that part with the disinfectant!Totally gross but none of us got sick so I must've done an alright job with the cleaning lol

bantamus, Apr 5, 8:55pm
similar option friends of mine use is one of the big old mops (wet to make weight) tied up in a garbage bag and stuffed into their toilet.

bantamus, Apr 5, 8:57pm
if you can access your cistern easily enough; put napisan, bleach or similar in it; keeps the whole bowl and under the rim sparkling

sumstyle, Apr 5, 9:00pm
The thread is old, but bumped yesterday by tredny_kids who said that this happened to her household yesterday!

bantamus, Apr 5, 9:03pm
yes; not sure what area they are in exactly but have friends still working on getting out of a badly hit red zone and every so often the sewerage goes nuts and the toilet gurgles and carries on like its got indigestion.

nz_nicola, Apr 5, 9:41pm
I guess theres still alot of problems out there, yesterday I saw three hydro trucks go past during the day, (Sumner) heading towards the back near Van Ash, I'm always glad when they don't stop in my street!

craftee, Apr 5, 10:15pm
Thanks for the tip bantamus :)

And that dreaded gurlging noise is one that stikes fear into the hearts of all Cantabrians lol.Our drains had been gurgling and we got the blowback maybe a month later on the next street suck. if your drains are gurgling it's best to take precautions with your toilet.Better safe than sorry!

trendy_kids, Apr 6, 9:22am
Hi again, we are in Tumara Park, Parklands area . yeah I was damn suprised when this happened yesterday so looked in the search thngee on the left to look up old conversations and was suprised thats its a reglular thing happening in our town still! YUKKY

griff30, Apr 7, 9:49am
We have just had a letter drop to say they will be down our street over the next 20days so do gladwrap, lid down bricks or mags on top. All well and good but our 5yr old nearly wet herself the other day by the time she took the heavy mags off lol. did also give us a number for the cleaners to come if it does happen.

nzwhisky, Apr 9, 9:49am
They were outstide our place last sun/mon.Nice man came and let me know they were going to do it.

orloc1, Jun 3, 10:51pm
Was out and about for a couple of hours yesterday and was disgusted when I got home at the smell eminating down my hallway.
Looking into the toilet there was water everywhere.
So I got on the phone and rung the council about what had happened.A guy took my number and told me someone would be ringing me.This morning someone did and they are sending out a cleaner.Thank you council for cleaning up after yourselves when shit happens

theoldknitwit, Jun 3, 10:54pm
Im taking care for this not to happen to me. I keep the lid down at all times with a 2 litre bottle of water on it to weigh it down.

nicsta4, Jun 3, 10:58pm
It happens a bit i think when they are clearing the waste pipes butnguess most of you allready no that. Its good that the counicl are helping by cleaning up

orloc1, Jun 3, 11:00pm
I have the lid closed with something on top too when I see them in the street and usually nothing happens - hadnt seen an eruption for ages.

wizzball, Jun 3, 11:07pm
from what I have been told that isn't enough :(We were doing the same but apparently the pressure can be much greater than expected.

lankylass, Jun 3, 11:49pm
Lift the lid, put plastic wrap across the bowl, then a towel (which will fill the space between the plastic wrap and the seat);close the rim and then the lid and then put a heavy article on it, such as a brick or even several bricks, because the pressure could lift the lid if a heavy weight wasn't on top.

tandj3, Jun 4, 12:15am
Oh god! how awful, have heard of this happening, my drains (the plug holes in the sink) have been making lots of gurgling noises lately, whats that about! anyone else!

-weasel-, Jun 4, 12:21am
I wish they could do a quick whip around the day beofre or leave a wee card. It came as such a shock when it happened to me but i didnt know you could call the council.
Paying someone $13 an hour or whatever the min wage is to walk around the streets the day before would surely be cheaper.and one less unemployed person :s

iamkat, Jun 4, 12:24am
What area are you in Orloc!
When I left home this morning we had 3 trucks a digger and a wee man manning the road cones just down our street - we are in avonside just off retreat road ----------- maybe we will join the ranks of the flushers again soon - and then after we get out laterals fixed that is!

andrewgray, Jun 4, 12:29am
Are you for real! Clean it up yourself!

orloc1, Jun 4, 12:30am
Im in Bexley iamkat

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