Cashmere high school

marsmoontrademe, Apr 6, 9:17pm
Sorry to post on here but I am disparateto find a Cashmere High school winter Kilt for my daughter. The one we had for last year is now to short and she needs it for the start of term 2.No one has any listed here on trademe and I have looked in the local papers etc. So I thought I would ask on here! Thanks

deb1002, Apr 6, 9:25pm
Can she get away with wearing her old one for the first week of term and then check out the uniform shop for one on the 27th when it opens!

marsmoontrademe, Apr 6, 9:30pm
Thankyou, yes if I can't find one in time (can't afford a brand new one just at the moment) I will talk to the school and hopefully they will be ok with that.

pezarointeriors, Apr 6, 10:19pm
Wow!$220 for a kilt.My son goes to Cashmere and I refuse to pay for the logo.I buy the jumpers and shirts from Marks and Spencer online.Its cheaper to pay the 15.00GBP per order.

jamesnmatt, Apr 6, 11:04pm
what tartan is their kilt!sometimes you can find other schools using the same one, and buy one on here from them.Like I am selling a school jersey, but as well as listing it for one school I listed other schools who use it.

If you show post a pic of the kilt - maybe in parenting! - someone may know other schools that use it.

marsmoontrademe, Apr 6, 11:36pm
That's a good idea, I had a look in chch schools but I will look nz wide and see what I can find

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