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lindaquinn, Apr 3, 11:14pm
Have been thinking about the school hols and what to do! And other people always do or think of things I don't and I'm always like . awe why didn't I think of that ! Please share :)

So far have:
Museum (free)
Botanic gardens (free) for a picnic and ducks
Airforce Museum (free)
ClipnClimb (not free)

wizzball, Apr 3, 11:15pm
10 pin bowling they usually have holiday discounts.

mbos, Apr 3, 11:23pm
Antarctic Centre (not free)
Orana Park (not free)
Willowbank (not free)
Spencer Park - play at the park, have a picnic, build pine needle huts in the woods, and go through the animal park (free)
Groynes - park, and picnic (free)

charlieb2, Apr 3, 11:44pm
I've just thrown mine in the bin, oopps. but check out those "parenting times' and 'family times' newspapers that come home from school. loads of coupons in them for the holidays

gaspodetwd, Apr 4, 12:05am
Walk on the beach.
Biking round bottle lake forest
Favourite park ( with a picnic)
Sand art on the beach
Walk and nature spotting in Travis wetlands
Oxford museum, waterfall walk and shopping
Autumn art - water colour crayons of favourite spots!
Collect conkers!
library and competitions
Have a go gym at Christchurch school of gymnastics ( every day)
Make real bread!
Collect pine cones ready for making a bird feeder in winter
Make a bird house / feeder
Start a blog!
Liberate a book and watch it move about ( details online)

These are some of my seven year daughter's ideas.

liam2002, Apr 4, 12:53am this looks like a fun yet cheap thing to do with the children :)

xmakara, Apr 4, 1:43am
Do some baking!

angeb2, Apr 4, 1:53am
Pop corn and a trip to the video store for rainy weather days!

kayjoh, Apr 4, 2:00am
Kids Bike Park Westburn Terrace (free)

nz_nicola, Apr 4, 2:06am
birdlings flat picnic and hunt for the little coloured stones, we always loved doing that as kids
mini golf not free

ajn255, Apr 4, 3:21am
PJ day with nibbles and DVD
Collect autumn leaves and make pictures with leaves.
Feed the ducks
Mini trains at Halswell Domain(Only on Sundays)
Write a letter to a grandparent etc
Puddle jumping
Make a hut
Bike riding at Mcleans Island or Bottlelake forest.
Have a dance party
Plant a winter garden
Make puppets and put on a show
Swimming at Jelly Park or the new complex in Papanui
Fly a kite
Collect shells
Do chalk drawings on the footpath

kimmyflo, Apr 4, 4:48am
mine go to holiday programme. I go to work :0(

southern-belle, Apr 4, 7:12am
Join a couple of sheets of paper together & put a heading
(Childs name) Holiday List
then a whole lot of bullet points down the left hand side.
Sit down with your child & make a big list, get them to come up with the ideas, add stickers, colours etc. Tape it on the wall & let them pick 1-2 things a day. I do this most holidays & great fun preparing.

slimgym, Apr 4, 7:15am
Dont forget to visit nana and pop haha

lindaquinn, Apr 4, 7:54pm
The Kiwi Sailing School has at the Pegasus Hire Centre will have Free Sailing and Kayaking next week from Tuesday to Friday - 10 to 4 each day

:) Simon Rutherford
027 669 0768
Kiwi Sailing School - Kiwi Sailing means "The best start in sailing" - Anywhere -, Apr 4, 8:17pm
We own the llama park in Templeton. Adults $12, kids $6. Great place to bring a picnic, lots of room for the kids to run around, and they get to hand feed the llamas too. Ignore prices on website, Chch residents get 20% discount. Booking essential.

lmbyas, Apr 4, 9:23pm
Kids are free at Ferrymead Historic Park with a paying adult this weekend.

nz_nicola, Apr 5, 1:05am
make piggie banks like we used to, with a balloon, the inside of toilet rolls cut in half for legs and nose, attach with flour and water mixed together to make the glue,cover with news paper dipped in flour mix, dry and paint, or put sweets in the balloon follow as above, then hang from a tree blind fold the kids one at a time and let them have a go at bursting it with a bat

kiwicarol, Apr 5, 1:21am
craft stuff for wet days. be it making collages, paper sculptures, scrapbooking , painting, potato prints and the like.
have a baking session with the kids.
If you have cameras go for a walk somewhere and have a family photo competition.
Have a school holiday cull and see if the kids have anything they no longer want/use and list it on TM. deduct fees let them have the balance ( suggest they save a percentage)and then take them shopping or for an outing they might not otherwsie be able to go.
Make huts inside on wet days and have a camp out in the lounge

kiwicarol, Apr 5, 1:24am
make sandcastles on the beach ( can be fun even on cooler days) just wrap up well

sunshinemegs, Apr 5, 8:01am
Oh I didn't even know about this - cool!
I just fixed your link cos you put a full stop on the end

chocogirl, Apr 5, 8:06am
You could sign up your kids to be in the What Now! TV audience, mine are going this Sunday. Looks like they have fun, it's from 7am - 10am. Website is

lindaquinn, Apr 5, 8:48am
You have to be 7 I think for that, boo hoo mine are 5 :(

chocogirl, Apr 5, 9:04am
I just checked, they have to be between 6 and 16 years old.

sikeres, Apr 5, 7:19pm
The Antarctic Center has a locals' deal on til the end of June.

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