O/T Help! School Blazer needs dry cleaning!

sikeres, Mar 30, 3:01am
Hi everyone,A bit frantic here as son has come home from high school with pie all splattered down the back of his blazer.Too big an area to blot!Is there a drycleaning place here in Chch that I could have it cleaned before Monday!TIA

taniakaa, Mar 30, 3:03am
Richmond dry cleaners!

fatima1, Mar 30, 3:06am
god.what sort of shifty goings on at that bloody school eh!

sikeres, Mar 30, 3:09am
Thanks guys, panic averted.Taylors on Wairakei Road can help.Drop it off now and it will be ready by noon tomorrow!

Off there now!

sikeres, Mar 31, 12:48am
Picked blazer up just before cling time today and it's awesome!Taylors warned me that because it was a quick job that it may not be up to scratch!Well, I'm a very happy mum and a huge thanks to Taylors for an awesome job!

Now, do I contact the school and send the receipt to school for them to onsend to the boy that caused the incident through sheer teenage boy non-thinking as Mr Latta says!

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