O/T I know sorry.pork roast

go to the hellers factory shop in kaiapoi they have lots of cool specials and lots of different products really cheap

mattyj89, Mar 28, 8:16 pm

Anyone have pork roast on special!Wanting for christmas day!Thanks

jules340, Dec 6, 12:03 pm

try hellers factory shop, they have some great specials. had ham on bone last week $11 per kilo, countdown had them on special for $15-00 per kilo.
they are open each day from 12 oclock, out by kaiapoi.

hobby-park, Dec 6, 2:21 pm

Oh, forgot about them.Will do.Thanks

bandrach, Dec 6, 4:36 pm

Best way to cook is to put it in crockpot before you go to bed on Xmas Eve, with onions, sage and garlic . no water.Will cook overnight and be fall-off-the-bone.You can remove all the fat and scape it for the crackling (just put in very hot oven after sprinkling with salt and a little oil). the juices will make a beaut gravy!

Well that's what I did last Xmas .

bookshelves, Dec 6, 6:04 pm

YUM!That sounds divine!

wizzball, Dec 6, 6:08 pm

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