OT cheap as tuesday.pack and save

mattyj89, Mar 28, 7:19am
Hellers factory shop at kaiapoi really cheap

stephikins, Aug 23, 7:07pm
Anyone been out early and seen what specials they have anywhere!Just realised it might be a bit too early.

femster, Aug 23, 7:32pm
I see the best smoked salmon is on special today - Aoraki Smokehouse, in the gold packet!

ladybook, Aug 23, 8:42pm
Northlands, lynx 3.49, shampoo 99 cents, tinned tomatos 99 cents, chic nibble 4.95kg, skinless/boneless breasts 10.99kg, rump 10.99 kg, whole porterhouse 14.95kg and heaps of other stuff, I only went to get milk

stephikins, Aug 23, 8:51pm
Wonderful thanks heaps

busy.mum, Aug 23, 9:08pm
been, wasnt nothing to race out for :)

nats62, Aug 23, 9:56pm
At Wainoni the Norths bread was $1.29. Hellers shaved meats range was $0.99. Double pack biscuits $1.99 ( chocolate chip and shrewsbury).

just_lookin, Aug 23, 11:57pm
hi there is there anywhere that has cheap nappies today!

jax163, Aug 24, 12:05am
also washing powder99c (i think)
multi pack chips $1.99
kiwi icecream $2.99
griffins choc chip biscuits twinpack $1.99
broccoli $1.70 each
cottonsoft toilet paper 8's $1.99
dairymaid butter$3.99
budget fish fillets $3.99
mainland cheese slice $2.95

ness315, Aug 24, 12:30am
lots of specials on, manners going for free but few chose to take up that offer! rude old people!

the_don_61, Aug 24, 1:24am
Hellers have a factory shop by kaipoi.

2.2Kg of frankfurters is $6.

kay.rex, Aug 24, 1:24am

kay.rex, Aug 24, 1:24am
riccarton deals !

tombstoneinc, Aug 24, 1:42am
riccarton double pk shrewsberry/choc chip 1.99, 8 pk toilet rolls 1.99, 1kg cheese was cheap i think 7.99, bread $1.29, casserole steak 8.99, bananas 99c kg, 1kg yog 3.19 , 6 pk dairy food 2.99,
al and son ice cream 2.99, coke 1.5 99c, liquid soap refill 1.99 (bigger than normal pack) all I can remember at the mo
edit for typos!

missyfly, Aug 24, 2:21am
Northlands 2 kg dishwash powder was $4,washing power 99c, Bags of oranges $1.99,Bananas $1.49, chicken nibbles very cheap ,smoked salmon $7,lamb legs frozen $12.99kg

missyfly, Aug 24, 2:22am
yup cheap huggies at northlands $8.95 I think

* have to keep editing coz I dont make sense lol

1jack, Aug 24, 2:46am
ok these prices are fantastic, tell me how are people struggling to feed their kids again! even on a budget you would be able to provide a decent breakfast lunch and tea with a few treats in there surely!

kmcrae3, Aug 24, 3:13am
Hi, I was wondering if public can go to that shop as I read sign that said staff shop.

lindaquinn, Aug 24, 3:17am
I posted hornby in the parenting thread. Wainoi defin has the best by the looks of it!

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