Looters Should be shot

david_270, Mar 28, 3:08am

freedomaira320, Mar 28, 3:17am
You've been watching too many movies.

pandaeye, Mar 28, 5:24am
yep. send them to the westcoast. I heard there's a mine need re-digging.

yeahm8, Mar 28, 5:49am
I'ld rather lock them in a portaloo, push it over and roll it round the block a few times.

nicsta4, Mar 28, 6:24am
That sounds a good idea

praxis2, May 23, 11:55pm
Having read the news about business' and homes being looted in the corrdinedoff area, I wonder why when people were banned from this area that at night, anyone found should be shot on the spot if they are found looting. It's hard enough on the people in Christchurch without theives making it harder.

chrisandco, May 23, 11:58pm
Maybe they could put them on portaloo duty or something, (maybe emptying chemical loos for people who struggle) obviously got too much time on their hands at the moment!

-weasel-, May 24, 12:01am
I dont believe you get rid of darkness with darkness. I think Chrisandco's suggestion is a fantastic one!

missy_j.c, May 24, 12:31am
i totally agree shoot the buggers in the knees! ( then see if they can run!) we had to stay away for a few nights following sept earthquake, and would check house each day . and on the 5th sept we went home to check and we had been cleared out! they took all our electronics and totally trashed the house! i wish i had caught them, cause i would of strangled the buggers! especially the fact that my 5yr old didnt want his stuff to go back home in case burglers come back. and every now and then he still brings it up! its not a nice feeling!

dktk, May 24, 1:08am
No not shot, but as they dont seem to mind going into dangerous buildings.
send them in to retrieve peoples belongings on red stickered buildings

praxis2, May 24, 4:17am
Thats not a bad idea

nicsta4, May 24, 8:03am
yep shot them and put their photos in the press name them all bugger their rites and also think all the lawers must so in need of work to defened them dont give them any lawers just shoot them they all scum same as whats in the porterloos

sin01, May 24, 11:11am
In the USA they would be legaly

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