OT awesome day for a school trip

micnic, Mar 26, 8:08pm
hope the year nines at Avonside enjoy their trip and the greendale fault is quiet.

wizzball, Mar 26, 8:42pm
What trip!

jamesnmatt, Mar 26, 9:03pm
all the year 9's do a day out at Burnham, doing the old Krypton Factor course - usually two classes at a time.

wizzball, Mar 26, 9:07pm
That was yesterday :DAnd a good time was had lol

wizzball, Mar 26, 9:07pm
For the year 9 I am talking about lol.

jamesnmatt, Mar 26, 9:12pm
yeah they send two classes a day for several days - glad yours enjoyed it :) hope micnic's does today also.

wizzball, Mar 26, 9:13pm
It is beautiful weather for it that is for sure :DHave a great time micnic's lovely girl :D

wizzball, Mar 26, 9:14pm
I didn't realise it was staggered :)

micnic, Mar 26, 9:38pm
Thanks miss looked like she was going away for the week she has that much stuff you couldn't say she isn't prepared for every eventuality lol I think today is Da and Nd going.
Glad your daughter enjoyed it wizzball.mine will love it she is into that sort of thing

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