gimmeyourshit1, Mar 26, 5:57am


roshu, Mar 26, 5:59am
Wind up.

Ma Nature is NOT a man!

charlieb2, Mar 26, 6:00am
lolShe's all woman huh!

puddles11, Mar 26, 6:00am
How do you get away with a username like that!

gimmeyourshit1, Mar 26, 6:01am
Sure isnt,john key is taking us all down incase you's havnt noticed.This is all for profiteering and ALL about the minerals on the faultlines.Seek and you shall find

gimmeyourshit1, Mar 26, 6:02am
shit means stuff in timbuktuian ;p

hibees1, Mar 26, 6:19am
Think you've been smoking some range shit bud

gimmeyourshit1, Mar 26, 6:31am
HAHA watch the vid dude,its SO obvious,and the links also.

samanya, Mar 26, 6:31am
Yep . all John Keys' fault.
He caused the lot .probably because he is independently wealthy .go figure!
What an absolute b'stard he is!
Also it must have been a real bummer for do realise that our govt DID NOT have to step in & give quake affected people a hand.don't you!
He must have been gutted to be forced into allocating funds to help his fellow New Zealanders .don't you reckon!
If you really live on the Chathams . one word for you .tsunami!

gimmeyourshit1, Mar 26, 6:36am
youre onto it,good to see!just wish the rest of the sheeples would wake up before its all to from chch ;p

samanya, Mar 26, 7:07am
that damned John Key . what a tosser!
Fancy helping ChCh people .what a cheek he has!

mikechch, Mar 26, 7:08am
How has he done that, exactly, beyond a few token sops to keep the unwashed masses from rebelling!

ken158, Mar 26, 7:10am
That's what they all say!

mrjaseracing1, Mar 26, 7:17am
damn,what a tosser you are.Even i know they're all man made for profiteering off the rebuild,not half obvious.Go back to sleep ken

doggybear, Mar 26, 7:55am
Jeez.poster 1 your feedback is crap!

jcmp21, Mar 26, 8:04am
Looks like we have an old friend back.

ken158, Mar 26, 8:17am
Still on the ole job aye. lol

ken158, Mar 26, 8:18am
Sure is. in such a short time too!

samanya, Mar 26, 8:22am
see #9!
Our govt did not need to step in & help, but they have.
Perhaps you'd rather live in Haiti !

chevauchee, Mar 26, 12:06pm
Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez another them and us. Pull your head in and stop your rubbish and whinging. Japan is so much worse off they get no help, here in Chch the govt stepped up to help and they didnt have to, they could have said no money, no help, no rebuild,but they didnt. Its a bad situation on a grand scale and where do you get off saying people are profiteering off the rebuild.Its people like you who are putting your evil in others minds instead of appreciating the help offered from others.

mikechch, Mar 26, 1:38pm
What sort of meaningful help would you be referring to!

A few weeks wage subsidy for employers, a rugby stadium and basically beyond that "you're all on your own, thanks very much"

mikechch, Mar 26, 1:40pm
how about you do some reading about how the Japanese government set about managing and facilitating the rebuild in Kobe after their 1995 quake

buzzi1, Mar 26, 3:50pm
It's very easy to set off an earthquake if there are faultlines ready to blow. The seismic testing the mining industry has been doing around Canterbury would be enough. There are now lots of permits approved for fracking as a result of the testing.

gimmeyourshit1, Mar 26, 7:42pm
If you actually had the brains to read it form the FIRST one.youd understand what happened there,if you had two brain cells to rub together youd work out what happened.A dickhead seller.Dont judge me on some idiot thankyou.

gimmeyourshit1, Mar 26, 7:44pm
Onto it,If the sheeple dont stop the fracking.the whole of the canterbury plains will be poisoned.but nooooo all the media brainwashed ones only beleive what they see on the news,in which the GVT owns!

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