This has probably been asked b4 - HIGH SCHOOL RECS

bill-boy, Mar 25, 9:51am
PLease parents and ex pupils out there, recommend a high school for me to explore - my son is a football mad kid, he excels in all sports. plays basketball for his school too. He excels in academic subjects like Math, Science, needs to work on english - its his(and our) native language -he's just a bit lazy! needs pushing, he had a medical condition so i guess the school has to have a good rep with that stuff too!

out of question schools are - Christs & STAC. to expensive

taniakaa, Mar 25, 10:06am
Aranui High have a great sports academy and linwood college is also increasing its sports programme, they work in conjunction with linfield sport. Shirley boys! Which part of town r u!

jamesnmatt, Mar 25, 10:07am
what are you zoned for!

sikeres, Mar 25, 10:08am
Christchurch Boys' High School.

Are you in zone!

bill-boy, Mar 25, 10:12am
im in a terrible spot, where I'm kind of zoned for linwood college, maybe aranui, thats about it, he wants St Bedes but I'm not sure about zones - he is baptized tho. we have had to move so many times since sept I'm not sure if we will still be here!
Im thinking i could move in zone!

sikeres, Mar 25, 10:32am
Go the ballot route.

tennisfanz, Mar 25, 11:42am
St Thomas's across the other side of town but the best school for my boy who loves sport and passes exams without studying. They push him to do better. Caring staff, families. Excellent pastoral care!

dreamingofbali, Mar 25, 12:23pm
If Christs and STAC are out (I assume you've already looked into scholarships!).

For good basketball schools, I see that Boys High, Cashmere and St Bedes were the only Chch schools in the nationals last year, with Boys High faring best by beating Cashmere, and then St Bedesclose to bottom (of the NZ top 24 though, to put in perspective).

I would definitely at least look into Middleton Grange as well. They are really serious about b-ball, I was extremely impressed with their primary school level team, a well-oiled machine clearly VERY well coached by senior students (really good, professional sports coaching is often lacking in even the 'best' schools). The fees are less than $600 p/a I think. Recent NCEA (and other) results are in their March newsletter at their website. I note that pro player Jeremy Kench was a MG student - from Wikipedia: Kench attended **former powerhouse Christchurch basketball school, Middleton Grange** where he represented New Zealand Under 18, New Zealand Under 19 and the Junior Tall Blacks)

Don't know about best football schools but you couldlook up most recent nationals results on google.

Good luck finding a school in Chch that will (really and truly) 'push' your son academically, you're in a minority in this town in wanting that! If you do find one, though, please let me know ;-)Sure you don't want to move to Auckland!

stephikins, Mar 25, 5:45pm
My daughter loves linwood College and is doing well

mervarnesen, Mar 25, 7:46pm
Linwood College was a great school for my boy who chose to work well in some subjects and not in others - they managed him well and he passed NCEA in all subjects.They were also brilliant with him when in year 13 he suddenly developed epilepsy.Couldn't have asked for a more caring supportive school

breandme, Mar 25, 7:46pm
Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti, this school caters to the individual and is fantastic.

sikeres, Mar 25, 8:37pm
I've found that CBHS pushes my son academically.He is not a sports kid, and says he is an academic.His words not mine.

He has a great rapport with his teachers.

As a parent, I love the weekly e-not sent home to see what his weekly performance has been.The teachers can also add a short comment.

schnauzer11, Mar 26, 5:46am
And a vote from me!A spectacular,small,family-orien-
ted school with great academic drive.The best testimony is that my son,not so long ago,in his early 20's,sincerely thanked me for sending him there,and said it was absolutely awesome.They set him on a path to do whatever he wanted,nurtured his social conscience,and when I attend his tertiary graduation mid-year,I'll be silently thanking that wonderful school.Good luck for your boy,wherever you choose.

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