Rates relief question

indi301, Mar 4, 1:51am
Carly26, any luck with getting your rates reduction! We have the approval letter from the council from Sep 4 2010 earthquake and are red zoned in Brooklands, and arre about to move in a months time.

carly26, Oct 15, 12:54am
Just wondering if anyone has actually been able to get theirs. Our application from the Sept quake was accepted and we just needed to provide confirmation from insurance company that our house was a demolition then we would get the rates relief (40% off) back dated to 4th Sept.
We now have this confirmation but the City Council seem to fob us off everytime I ring them. I have a letter dated 9th Feb saying if your house requires land remediation AND demolition you will get rates relief back dated to sept 4th. If your land dosent require remeditaion but your house is a demolition you will only get the rates relief appied from when you vacate the property. We need land remediation so my understanding is, now that we can provide proof the house is a demolition, we would get the rates relief as of now and back dated. THe city council tell us we need to have moved out of the house before it gets applied. I think they are changing the rules to suit themselves, Nowhere in any letter that I have does it say we need to move out. I understand if we didnt need land remediation we would have to move out to get the discount, but we do need land work so we should be entitled to it as of now.
So just wondering if anyone has actually successfully got the rates relief!

robyn35, Oct 15, 12:59am
tried to get it for someone and was told the house has to be unliveable and vacnt.if you can still live in it no rates relief even though red zoned until you move out.rates relief will only apply between the date you move out and the house gets demolished, bit of a joke really.

mismuffet, Oct 15, 3:04am
we got ours, for the time after we vacated and it stayed in place until we settled with CERA.Better than nothing.

antonios1, Oct 15, 3:22am
We got rates relief for a rental that the tenants left immediately after the eq and was declared unrentable by our Insurance Co. (State). State supplied a letter for us to send to the council to confirm this was the case was accepted by them.

bookman2, Oct 15, 4:30am
Why should you get rates remission if you're still living in the house! You are still using water and sewerage and having rubbish removed. Even if it's a portaloo someone is paying for it.

deanna14, Oct 15, 6:33am
We got it no problem at all because we are red Stickered. We are renting, and paying rates in our rent now. No rates reduction that I know of if your still on the house.

carly26, Oct 15, 9:13am
Everything changed after the feb quake for people that only got affected in the Feb quake. After the Sept quake the council were offering the rates relief to people in our situation (land needs remediating and house needs to be demolished) It was some form of compensation for putting up with sub standard living conditions, appalling roads, no sewer, no water etc etc. There werent many people/area's in this situation after sept so thats why they offered it. We got accepted just had to wait for confirmation from our insurance company (which we now have) the letter I have says they will back date it to Sept 4 2010. Now they dont want to pay out. I know the criteria changed for the feb quake affected people, but we are sept affected people so the sept criteria should still stand. Im wanting to find out if other SEPT people had any problems getting theirs.

deanna14, Oct 15, 9:27am
Ah, interesting, good luck, everything's being cut back at every corner, we have to become fighters for a cause, very draining to say the least.

alaanag, Oct 15, 9:33am
huh, have been out of our house since 4th Sept 10, house will be demolished, they wont accept our application because we dont have anything that has that one word they want - UNINHABITABLE. Ive got all the paperwork etc but becuase that one word isnt mentioned (really, AMI pay temporary accom because you decide you feel like a change of surroundings, right!) I have to get something with the magic word on LOL

deanna14, Oct 15, 6:45pm
Gosh, that's a pain, I filled out the form, quoted what was on the 1st red sticker, which was 'severe' damage, never heard a dicky bird, and when the rates arrived they were reduced, with no explanation, also was calculated, the over $700 we had payed, after the Feb Quake, and reduced accordingly.
Maybe photocopy the sticker and apply again.

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