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jane310567, Mar 2, 2:01am
2nd hand bookstore opening in mall in a weeks time. Opposite closed library - love a good fossick!

chatsmom, Mar 2, 2:14am
So the furniture store has gone!

jane310567, Mar 2, 2:19am
will be in the front of the furniture shop apparantly.

craftylady1, Mar 2, 2:48am
Just been down to Bishopdale.what a dump of a "mall"

tarn146, Mar 2, 2:53am
It has always been a cold place.and it has gone down hill over the years., Mar 2, 3:13am
It ain't all that, but was great after the EQ as most shops were open. It could definitely do with a spruce up considering how busy the place can be. In saying that, Raewards could of done with a spruce up and now that it has its so busy I don't go there as much!

chatsmom, Mar 2, 3:39am
I think I prefer the open spaces that Bishopdale mall gives you!

jane310567, Mar 2, 8:50am
I agree it could do with a revamp - has been like that for years!

jessebird, Mar 2, 9:06am
me too, i can,t go into the other malls still.

100peaks, Mar 2, 9:29am
I loved visiting Bishopdale mall for the library, the GF bakery and a coffee. But I agree, it needs a spruce up. I also think it needs a better variety of shops.

kenny92, Mar 2, 12:23pm
It could be spruced up butoften go there if I can't be bothered with the mall. Easy parking and as others said opened quite soon after the earthquakes.

craftylady1, Mar 2, 5:25pm
Looks like Whitcoulls has gone now as well

100peaks, Mar 2, 8:38pm
Oh really! Is that due to quake damage crafty!

craftylady1, Mar 2, 8:49pm
No idea .just went to Westpac yesterday and it looked like it had gone. used to go there to buy cards when 50% off

slimgym, Mar 2, 8:58pm
isnt the fudge cottage there now.I think whitcouls went a while ago.When New World shifted that end of the mall sorta died.

craftylady1, Mar 2, 9:01pm
Fudge cottage is just down from the PO.Whitcoulls was by the library

100peaks, Mar 2, 9:06pm
Wow I didn't realise the NW had gone! I shopped there a lot! I've only been gone one year. What is there instead!

craftylady1, Mar 2, 9:09pm
NW has gone from the library end and shifted to the other end where there used to be a different s/mkt

100peaks, Mar 2, 9:16pm
Ok thanks crafty. What's in the old NW building

craftylady1, Mar 2, 9:17pm
Think its nothing.didnt go down that end but when i used to go to Curves opposite, it stayed empty except for random temp shops

jane310567, Mar 2, 9:25pm
its a furniture shop now - not too appealing tho.

nickyd, Mar 2, 10:09pm
Library is shut at Bishopdale due to EQ issues - happened just a couple of months ago, so place is even less dynamic than it's usual quiet self.Pity really as it's handy to us and Fendalton Library shut too until at least June/July I think.

the_don_61, Mar 2, 10:17pm
Bishopdale mall was meant to be fully covered in, but they built Northlands instead.
That little park in Farrington ave over the road from the shops was meant to be a Police station.But they ended up with two police stations in Papanui (1 is on main north rd, the other is on papanui rd, but has no signage)which is the house at the back of where the old papanui police station was.

100peaks, Mar 2, 10:19pm
Oh OK. I've realised.the NW must still be in the same place as it was while I was in CHCH. I loved it after the quakes because I felt safe in there. LOL. The place opposite the library was selling furniture when we left in June, I'm sure. I think Bishopdale mall has lots of potential. wish they'd do something about it.

100peaks, Mar 2, 10:20pm
Interesting! Thanks. As an aside. which part is the 'old' part of Northlands! I remember the old mall and library at Pap. But I can't visualise which part of NL is the old part anymore.

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