Christchurch best city for freedomcamping?

gadgetman, Mar 2, 10:26am
Somebody who does not pay for camping. Sure you have heard unless you lived under a rock! Living under a rock would be freedom camping!

alflys, Mar 3, 7:25am
thats what eqc were doing the weeks after 23rd feb checking to see if people could freedom camp ok.The insurance companies woke up and decided to increase there rates so that we did not become freedom campers full time and now everyone is in on it.Now they are saying we are not qualified at errecting our tents (LBP).only thing we are alowed to do now is crap on the back lawn .lol

gadgetman, Mar 20, 11:53pm
I have been freedomcamping for a few years now and seems like government has taken on the idea.
There are lot of empty sections on new subdivisions which could be used as mini camping grounds for displaced residents with campervans.

candy1213, Mar 20, 11:58pm
any back yardin christchurch is a camping ground now!
ours has two tents ,just in case and fully kitted out!
bbq's are the new stove now

dvd2, Mar 21, 12:08am
Best city for.

Squatting in derelict unsafe buildings, aka Unpaid house-minding.

Owning a cheap sand-dune bach near the CBD.

Brick Rubble Artists.

gadgetman, Mar 21, 12:10am
Those bricks would be good for making an outdoor pizza oven.

kolinir, Mar 21, 12:12am
A+ Idea

graybeard, Mar 21, 12:45am
Well the locals can't complain about the freedom campers crapping in their gardens when they're doing the same can they!

gadgetman, Mar 23, 4:13am
I wonder if Marcus Lush on Radio Live is complaining about freedom camping after visiting in Christchurch!
He is the freedomcampers enemy Numero Uno.

samanya, Mar 23, 5:09am
Nah . he's been complaining about freedom campers for years .about the types who sh*t in the bush & in every rest area.

gadgetman, Mar 23, 5:21am
Now there are the freedom campers in backyards of Christchurch who have not got the long drop sorted!
I have been trying to get in touch with Marcus Lush to show that not all freedom campers are bad and do that. He does not reply my emails or do not want to see me.
I just want to get interviewed by him and tell that there are the tidy freedomcampers that to the right thing.
I might need to call Radio Live but I am not awake enough that early in the morning to talk on the radio.

samanya, Mar 23, 5:28am
The people shi**ing in their backyards in ChCh are hardly freedom campers .it's not by choice on their part.
I hear you on the rest , though.
Lush is on the case load of the owners of companies who rent camper vans .those with no loo.
If you feel that strongly & want to talk to Lush on air .you might have to get up earlier! hmmmm!

mrdairyflat, Mar 23, 5:30am
Why do you think yourself accountable to a fool!
Wouldnt concern myself with what he thinks.
loos for a camper are not overly expensive, upward of $200.

samanya, Mar 23, 6:09am
Well why do they rent out camper vans without loos, then!
When you can't walk into a rest area between ChCh & the West Coast, without getting sh*t on your feet (or dodging) it's pretty damned sad!
This is not a new thing .been going on for years & people wonder why the pristine waterways that used to be in the Abel Tasman National Park (where there are plenty of loos) & many other areas are bu**ered . now you can't drink the water .giardia!

gadgetman, Sep 4, 12:33am
That fool has a loud voice and someone might believe him!
I thought about getting into his program I could speak on behalf of responsible freedom campers but he is censoring our opinions.

I am probably on my 4th portable toilet as I use it every day and have spent a few years on the road.

the_don_61, Sep 4, 12:56am
We have a camper with no loo.been around the south island 3 times.thru the north island.A loo is never far away.neither is a place for a shower.
Cheapest Shower I've found is $0.50.Cheapest motor camp $7 a nite for the site, no per person stuff.

Its the lazy young german campers.and we have loads of them around NZ.

tands09, Sep 4, 12:56am
What is a freedom camper! Sorry, havent heard of this before!

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