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gadgetman, Mar 2, 10:30am
The churches are mostly gone and how many believe in Christ in Otautahi!

mazalinas, Mar 2, 10:36am
Why are you rehashing this old thread!

freggo, Mar 2, 11:02am

alaanag, Mar 2, 11:38am
Actually I like Quakevegas.
Gotnochurch, Hadachurch, Quakedchurch.

Or, just have a symbol like Prince, and be The City Formally Known as Christchurch.

paulmc, Mar 2, 11:47am

male_timaru, Mar 2, 12:12pm
I think if it is changed they should seriously consider

"Avonsbed City"

kiwisteven, Mar 4, 11:44am
Why on earth do so many people want a name to remind them of earthquakes! Crazy people. Just as bad as those who gave us the name Christchurch in the 1850's.neither do our great city any justice. So far the Maori name Otautahi seems to be the only genuine alternative. How about Aoraki which is the Maori name for mount cook but which i understand some want to change to Aorangi. Meaning Cloud piercer, its a suitable name for a city trying to raise itself through the rest of Aotearoa which means land of the long white cloud.

kiwisteven, Mar 4, 11:48am
Aoraki is also near the start of the alphabet and that's a great advantage.

After Napier had its 1931 Earthquake they starting calling the city "New Napier" but it didn't last for long. You need something shorter, easily pronounced and spelt.

paulmc, Mar 4, 12:03pm
My suggestions above were tongue in cheek, as is another I read a few day's ago - Bishop's Beach!

I don't think the earthquakes are any reason to change the name of our city.If we did, tourists will come to New Zealand and not be able to find Christchurch because it is not on their maps.It would also be an attraction for tourists who have been here before to see how the rebuilt Christchurch compares with the pre-quake city.

bucjo, Mar 4, 12:12pm
I am a staunch atheist and Christchurch has never offended me whatsoever. It's just a name afterall. Wish people would drop the religious/no churches now arguments even if tongue in cheek.

dreamingofbali, Mar 4, 12:17pm
'chirstchurch' pronounced: 'Cursed Church'! Yea, that would work!

gadgetman, Mar 5, 8:28am
Christchurch is a bit of a mouthful to some non-native English speakers.
In Thailand it is called something like SisChurch!

lindylambchops1, Mar 5, 8:44am
Thought it already had been renamedRED ZONE!

gadgetman, Mar 20, 3:42am
Christchurch name origins were a conroverted subject accoding to this website:
I think designing a new city would be a good opportunity to have a new name for the City.
Of course lot of you conservative folk do not agree with changing the name but discussing about it would not hurt.
Any suggestions for new name!

dolphin1nz, Mar 20, 3:44am

blackcats13, Mar 20, 3:44am
I think as we cannot hold onto our buildings,its important we hold onto what history we have,and Christchurch is a really appropriate name for this city.I dont believe it should be changed.

hunnybunny7, Mar 20, 3:45am

firebirds, Mar 20, 3:45am
leave it as it is

gadgetman, Mar 20, 3:46am

dolphin1nz, Mar 20, 3:47am

rasman_nz, Mar 20, 3:47am
Christchurch, hmmm yes that will be a good name for the City

rsr72, Mar 20, 3:48am
Bob's Swamp.

dolphin1nz, Mar 20, 3:48am

dolphin1nz, Mar 20, 3:48am

kaiza123, Mar 20, 3:49am
lol I agree

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