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ken158, Jan 12, 9:55am
Maybe worth a bump!

wanderer52, Jan 12, 10:13am
I agree ken158

ken158, Feb 9, 10:23pm
Maybe worth a bump again. about now!

wanderer52, Feb 29, 10:03am
If you are at all concerned that you will not be allowed to replace your clean air approved log burner when you rebuild you house on your sectionplease join this facebook group

Hope to see you there!

lotty3, Feb 29, 10:35am
Come on people finally someone is starting something worth fighting for we want our logburners in our rebuilds.Well done wanderer52, with all the pointless protests going on I was beginning to think important things didn't matter any more till I seen this post.

alaanag, Feb 29, 10:40am
We didnt have a log burner (had flued gas that looked like one though LOL) but I still think its incredibly unfair that log burners cannot be re-installed - or even just installed in general for non quake damaged homes - I mean COME ON look at the last year - we lost power several times due to quakes, we had 2 lots of snow - and it gets COLD in Chch in winter.

wanderer52, Feb 29, 10:50am
It's the cheapest form of heating so it affects poorer people most of all, I think.

alaanag, Feb 29, 10:54am
Cheap and RELIABLE.heat pumps - rubbish in a power cut LOL (and difficult to cook on.)

planespotterhvn, Feb 29, 11:07am
support for the people, families and elderly who will burn their logfires and junos this winter and keep warm dry and healthy in the face of the Ecan smoke nazis that would rather us die of cold. Our houses are wrecked, why would we need to buy a new burner when the old one still works fine. If the house gets demolished you brand new burner gets smashed along with the rest of the wreckage that was our home!

silverriver, Feb 29, 11:14am
Alternate forms of heating other than electricity would be a damn good idea.Powers gone out regularly over past year or so and system wont take alot as its going to take 5 or more years to get it fully operational and not on hair trigger to fail.

hamtostie, Feb 29, 12:18pm
Is a great chance to futher clean up the air. Stuff your logburners. Use a BBQ when the power goes out next time.

wizzball, Feb 29, 12:28pm
Yeah cause using a bbq inside is such a GREAT idea.


just-ruski, Feb 29, 12:40pm
Which is exactly how people have died.IDIOT!

gregor15, Feb 29, 1:11pm
Wait.What !Explain who died using a barbeque !

gregor15, Feb 29, 1:15pm
Logburners are history.Quit clinging to the inefficient, polluting, medieval method and just move on.Oh sorry, may cost you a couple of grand.Small price to pay for the smoke you've been shoving down your neighbourhoods children for years.

I challenge anyone to put up a decent argument for allowing logburners to continue.

karla_nz, Feb 29, 3:34pm
The tone of the anti-logburner brigade here has convinced me to join.

golfaholic2, Feb 29, 5:24pm
I will give you a good reason to change the new legislation .

If I rebuild my house , and get to reinstall the log burner , because I will rebuild to current codes , I will have double glazed windows ,and fully insulated walls/ceilings .meaning I will light the fire maybe 2-3 times a week during winter for but a few hours needed to heat the house

However, if I have to repair half the house in order to keep my burner,then that is what I will do . it will be partially insulated with single glazed windows .the fire will be going 5-6 days a week thru winter , and pretty much the the entire time we are home to feed it .

I care about the enviornment , and the air we are breathing, I dont want to pump more smoke into the air than I need to , but ECAN are forcing me too.great job ECAN

ken158, Feb 29, 5:38pm
The ECAN Commissioner??

chip8, Feb 29, 6:31pm

Great stuff.

lambrat, Feb 29, 6:33pm
the quantity of fine partlculates emitted by modern logburners is very very low, compared with the old ones.

bindyloo, Feb 29, 7:12pm
Exactly, it's the idiots who burn wet wood that are too blame for excess pollution, together with diesel smoking 4WD,(for those who don't maintain them correctly). just look at the number of cars on the roads now, there goes your pollution.

bindyloo, Feb 29, 7:25pm
ummmmm Earthquakes !Power Cuts !

eltorokaka, Feb 29, 7:31pm
I think its more like,Isnt a HUMAN RIGHT to keep warm! Fire has been with mankind forever aint no ecan gonna change that.I will help fight this! Down with this corporate/government embarassment.

ryanm2, Feb 29, 7:33pm
Im on the fence on this one. We can't have a log burner in our house as previous owner removed and we can't re-instate. I have asthma , not severe anymore but know how much log burners pollute. So, if i can't have one, why should others.
However if we could have one we would - with a wetback. But this is a once in a lifetime chance for chch to finally clean up our winter smog.

lambrat, Feb 29, 8:07pm
sorry to hear you have asthma, but please be clear that chimneys and the OLD logburners that don't double-burn pollute . the new models are excellent

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