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fepixie, Feb 21, 9:38am
Bumping almost one year on to remember gratefully all those people who went out of their way to help others :)

thanks dave and others :)

dave9386, Feb 23, 8:10am
my names Dave im a carpenter builder if anyone needs any help just bell me on 0220364877 weather you cant get to the shops or you need to move your gear, make your house safe or anything ill do my uttermost to help you , ive got a ute to move stuff or a 7 seater car to transport you, can even store some gear in my garage if required. take care everyone im only a phone call away, Dave ch-ch papanui,

antonio23, Feb 23, 8:16am
Bump for Dave ;)

kristian_nz22, Feb 23, 8:17am
Dude its people like you that make me proud to be a kiwi, Dave, if you need help with gas money let me know

devongirl21, Feb 23, 8:18am
Lovely gesture Dave, blessings to you.

smoo18, Feb 23, 8:18am
thats awesome.big hug to you and all the others like you doing so much to help

fluffyfings, Feb 23, 8:20am
Pat on the back for Dave.well done mate for offering.its people like you who make a big difference in a situation like this :) . But please think of your own safety as well

rats1, Feb 23, 8:23am

designer_polly, Feb 23, 8:26am
awesome Dave!

cleverrock, Feb 23, 8:33am
Go Dave- you are awesome, sure plenty of people will need your help!

overit67, Feb 23, 8:48am
wonderful person, may need a tad bit of help, so taken your number down. thank you so much for proving we still got that Cantabrian spirit holding in

1millie, Feb 23, 8:50am
dave we may need help getting essential supplies to hosp/rest homs/smkts tomorrow will note yr no and get in touch if we need you
awesome thanks.

sarah539, Feb 23, 8:51am
Dude! you da man. Big ups!

moore79, Feb 23, 8:54am
Good on you Dave!What a great guy!

jax163, Feb 23, 10:54am
bump good on ya dave :)

kiwi_terran, Feb 23, 10:55am
dave uthe man!

debsgrey, Feb 23, 11:00am
there is a man on the board asking to borrow a wheelbarrow im thinking he is in desparate need of help!

pomingoon, Feb 23, 11:53am
Bump for dave

1millie, Feb 23, 2:11pm
wheelbarrow shovel being picked up at 7am

casey007, Feb 23, 8:52pm

dave9386, Feb 23, 11:49pm
there are now 3 of us ready to help we have some water, tools chainsaw etc barrows etc we also have a registered nurse who can assist if seriously required, you can even phone roger on 021837533 who can also assist

kk42, Feb 24, 12:12am
what does *bump* mean!

diana96, Feb 24, 12:18am
well done guys.

kk42, Feb 24, 12:20am
cool thanks lol.

falcongirl1, Feb 24, 12:23am
bumping. my sister has 2possible cracked ribs and has a 8yr old that has a slight disablity. i dont know if she will accept help thou! she hardly has food and last i heard, no water. she has a car but i think finds it difficult to drive! not sure as she not keeping in touch with me much.

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