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starry7, Feb 21, 8:31am
In memory of.
i didn't always agree with what you posted witchiepo but i always defended your right to have your own opinions even if many did not agree at times!
When not being 'baited'. (and responding often, to your deteriment).
you had a heart of gold !
*Bestest of wishes for you and hubby in real life*

jessebird, Feb 21, 8:47am
Why has all witchiepo1messages been deleted!

loopy26, Feb 21, 8:56am
i can only assume she has been banned. someone might have complained about her posts or one of them

starry7, Feb 21, 9:33am
Yes sadly she was banned permanently.

aimeelouwhite, Mar 11, 9:51pm
hey witchiepo.wondering where you went to!glad you have settled well.Where are you living! and what a lovely offer!

antonios1, Mar 11, 10:02pm
Hi witchiepo1 - remember I told you that after the earthquake we found your two Sept. eq mugs undamaged in the mess on the kitchen floor of one of our houses!Have just heard from the other tenant we gave one to, that hers was about the only thing that survived in her kitchen!Guess we breed even the coffee mugs tough in Chch!Hang in there and enjoy Waikari - it's a lovely place.

crazy56, Mar 11, 10:09pm
hi witchie how you doing my mug is still in one peice too it never fell over but the others did! very cool mugs id say

antonios1, Mar 11, 10:15pm
Thanks witchiepo - still in residence at our bach at Milford Huts - but heading up to Chch tomorrow to meet new tenants for houses which were vacated after the quake, and do some more repair work to our Chch house.

smoo18, Mar 12, 8:14am
you are such a caring angel.
what an offer. With the Hells Angels all holed up at the motels across from me tonight .can I come down

orloc1, Mar 12, 8:14am
I have booked a holiday end of next week going to my mums on the coast for a couple of days to get away from the shakes, Ive had enough.May get another cup off you when my stomach settles similar to the one I got after the september quake :)

kazzymoto, Mar 12, 8:19am
when I first saw this thread I thought it was going to say "Hands up who needs a bourbon" lol

ted., Mar 12, 8:19am
You will be able to have a cuppa sometime with MrDad

princessboo2, Mar 12, 8:20am
witchiepo1 - you are an amazing, caring lovely lady. you deserve all the best of everything. xx

deflatedpumpkin, Mar 12, 8:22am
*puts hand up for a bourbon*

colb1, Mar 12, 8:24am
You are a very nice person, pleased you are back, and look forward to meeting you one day soon,

hamismom, Mar 12, 8:24am
hey witchipo. glad you have sound some peace and solice . enjoy Waikari, its a lovely place.
and I'll have a bourbon too! LOL

smoo18, Mar 12, 8:27am
pleased you got your t shirts as I could only find extra large here

deflatedpumpkin, Mar 12, 8:27am
i used to go thru waikari 2-4 times a day/night, didn't get enough of a run-up the hill once because someone pulled out in front of me, nearly stalled my tanker part way up the hill LOL. beautiful out there, so glad you're in a more stable place witchiepo!

princessboo2, Mar 12, 8:29am
I'm in Auckland Witchiepo1 - but thank you so much for the kind offer -I have the feeling whoever stays with you will be safe no matter what happens.
You are someone very special.

"takes bourbon and swaps it for a nice oaky chardonnay and passes it round" lol

deflatedpumpkin, Mar 12, 8:40am
i have a crappy memory, trying to remember if you were at the bbq, if we met you! would be awesome to come out to have a cuppa with you tho!

tool_shop173, Mar 12, 8:39pm
Awesome, there are heaps of rabbits out your way.can I come rabbit shooting !

tool_shop173, Mar 12, 9:23pm
Do you have many running about ! I often go shooting up Amberley way

deflatedpumpkin, Mar 13, 7:24am
he is, truly a gem.
ah well. we'll have to have a cuppa some time soon, then we can say we've met you too!

babyluthi, Mar 13, 7:33am
Gosh! Hey!I wondered where you went to!Good for you, and what a kind offer too:)

dongould, Mar 13, 7:47am
Where's the closest 'SecondHand Shop'. I want to put up more than 2 hands for this break that's on offer!

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