Correspondence school in christchurch

plc68, Feb 20, 9:15pm
who do i ring to find out where i can do correspondence

esawers, Feb 20, 9:17pm
what level!

antonios1, Feb 20, 9:19pm
Depends at what level - if it is primary or secondary, the Correspondence school is based in Wellington - you can probably google them, or find them under Dept. of Education.For specialist courses, or tertiary there are various private institutions or Massey Uni - again, Google is your friend!

plc68, Feb 20, 9:26pm
ncea , so 11 to 13 , i never finished school and i would like to

articferrit, Feb 20, 9:38pm
at the risk of being shot down, Ring Hagley Community College and see if they have anyNCEA night classes available.

esawers, Feb 20, 9:39pm
not sure how much correspondence is, but when I did it through high school we didn't have to pay anything, it was part of STA funding (!) so might be cheaper and easier through a school like hagley

antonios1, Feb 20, 9:39pm
Many secondary schools take adult students - especially Hagley High School, who may also run evening classes,If work commitments don't allow that, I;m sure they could point you in the right direction.

esawers, Feb 20, 9:41pm

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