Rest In Peace to those that were killed.

chip8, Feb 20, 6:27pm
Bump . one of the early reports.

kmcrae3, Feb 20, 8:13pm
And I hope all the injured all the best for their future,the forgotten ones.

jamesnmatt, Feb 20, 8:15pm
interesting reading that, a Herald reporter said it shook for a whole minute.Felt like it but wasn't it only about 19 seconds!

jamesnmatt, Feb 20, 8:15pm
and where is St Albans High School! LOL

ernval, Feb 20, 8:21pm
hi i never knew st albans had a high school!

And RIP nina Bishop ctv building.

ted., Feb 20, 8:37pm
Why so Picky! It says it felt like a minute and re St Albans High School it's obviously a mis- print. Does it really matter

jamesnmatt, Feb 20, 8:38pm
i said interesting - you said picky LOL

It felt longer, but looking back we know it wasn't.

rahto, Feb 22, 1:38am!c_id=1&objectid=10707996

My thoughts are out to the families and friends of those that were killed.


dadys_girl, Feb 22, 1:50am
how sad! how horrible

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