1millie here.

bumping for the people who think it is important to keep the old threads.

1millie, Feb 20, 11:09 pm


fishybussiness, Feb 20, 11:13 pm

Hi Power just came on Tilford St house although a few houses down near Ferry Rd had since yest. Ive been to work today across other side town, we did delivery emergency supplies hosps 1st, resthomes 2nd smkts 3rd. Didnt get past 1 today cos roads broken and congested.
If I can help anyome info etc please just ask and I will help if I can.
Im uninjured and my friends all accounted for so very lucky.
Take care out there people.

sorry for typos feeling very shaky stil

1millie, Feb 23, 9:28 pm

take care millie

sunshinemegs, Feb 23, 9:29 pm

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