Big quake at 6.3

squeakme, Feb 20, 7:29am
Almost one year ago.

kelsta2, Feb 20, 9:25am
omg this thread made me all teary.

ted., Feb 20, 9:26am
and no posts cos we didn't have power
We had no idea really of the widespread devastation at that stage

starry7, Feb 20, 9:27am
Deja Vue.

alflys, Feb 20, 9:29am
mmmm. didn't see anything on here for over a month , no power no internet no nothing .only thing i had was a public pool with floaters in it

alice185, Feb 20, 9:31am
Yep same, generator gave us tv for a treat sometimes.

lambrat, Feb 20, 9:35am
its pretty weird seeing this a year later!

lambrat, Feb 20, 9:36am
omg. bummer!
(hope you've regained your sense of humour by now)

ted., Feb 20, 10:04am
It sure is Starry. it'a a weird feeling

tmg, Feb 20, 10:50am
TM should start putting a year on the threadies that come from 2011 or earlier year to that current

xmakara, Feb 20, 7:03pm
Should give it to Stuff. They have whole pages dedicated to the Quakes.

pd18, Feb 22, 12:10am
Reference Number: 3468575
NZDT: Tue, Feb 22 2011 12:51 pm
Magnitude: 6.3
Depth: 5 km
Details: 10 km south-east of Christchurch

melissaliam, Feb 22, 12:10am
Live updates after another major quake in Christchurch.

12.58pm: Tweeters describe the quake as "huge" and say there is damage.

12.56pm: TVNZ understands Christchruch police station has been evacuated.

12.55pm: A major earthquake hits Christchurch.

pd18, Feb 22, 12:11am
Where you getting your updates from!

doggybear, Feb 22, 12:13am
I heard ppl have died!

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