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narnies, Feb 19, 7:25pm
Is it any wonder why our youth have no respect for police, when police are clearly discriminating against young drivers who were peacefully and legally attempting to raise money for the chch earthquake fund via an organised cruise which police were made aware of, drivers were held for 7 hours without given any reason. This is clear discrimination against chch youth drivers as in the past the muscle car community made up mostly of middle age people have been aloud to have organised cruises without any police involvement. Surly our police have better things to do than target an organised fundraising event what about the crime happening in chch while many police attempt to stop the event.

ariel11, Feb 19, 7:28pm
where did you hear this

narnies, Feb 19, 7:36pm
Its been on the news and I know people involved and there's youtube footage of it.

jamesnmatt, Feb 19, 7:37pm
they were there checking the illegally lowered and modified vehicles - if your car was legit they left you alone.

narnies, Feb 19, 7:41pm
They checked every vehicle that was blocked in by the police whether you were legit or not which took up to 7 hours for all vehicles to be checked, they also took video of all the occupants in the cars and refused to answer any questions as to why people were being held and videoed. People were refused to relieve themselves and if they did out of desperation they were arrested.

ariel11, Feb 19, 7:43pm
maybe the police are sick to death of attending the after effects of cruisers/racers especially when last Thursday night another young man was burnt to death after crashing his car whilst out cruising/racing and three others are in hospital with burns and multiple injuries

kadogirl, Feb 19, 7:44pm
I work round where they were pulled up and I counted over 30 cars that were speeding round Keighleys Road Corner.
Yes some were behaving properly but many weren't.
I turned away a few that had no ID so were trying to drink and were underage.

kadogirl, Feb 19, 7:45pm
Eww could you imagine all the piddle that would of been round there. People own those businesses and dont need there place of work to smell like urine.
Perhaps if they werent drinking so much they would not of needed to go to the toilet.

narnies, Feb 19, 7:52pm
Where in this does it say the driver was racing or cruising! yes he was speeding and possibly drinking but so do many others.

narnies, Feb 19, 7:55pm
Well they wouldn't of had to piddle there if they had not been held there for 7 hours, do you only go to the toilet once every 7 to 8 hours.

ariel11, Feb 19, 7:55pm
so because many others do it that makes it acceptable!
I feel sorry for the police, damned if they do, damned if they dont. The only slightly positive thing to come out of the earthquakes was the reduction of cruisers/racers on our roads

fostey1, Feb 19, 7:55pm
i just think they have left their run a little late. people are sick of boy racers. They drink, swear at the police, half of them were drunk, they cause accidents, kill themselves with dangerous driving etc.I'm sorry but people have lost their patience with them. Police were just doing their job.

kadogirl, Feb 19, 7:57pm
LOL Yes I pee a whole heap more when I am drinking. They were like wee 5 year olds. One needed to go then they all needed to go.
Immaturity at its best!

kadogirl, Feb 19, 7:57pm

jenny73, Feb 19, 8:00pm
So if this was a fundraiser then how much was raised!

narnies, Feb 19, 8:06pm
This was not your typical boy racer cruise around chch , this was an organised event for anyone in chch who wanted to help chch, this was staged this weekend because of the 4s and rotary show was this weekend, therefore more people in chch to help raise money. Everyone was given a detailed sheet of instructions regarding behaviour and having legal cars also a txt number so anyone could make donations directly to the earthquake fund. Im unsure of how much was raised because the police put a stop to the event.

jamesnmatt, Feb 19, 8:14pm
cops probably made a killing on fines, if they ever actually pay them

ebeater, Feb 19, 8:15pm
Sounds like a "funraiser" to me.If the adults in noisy modified cars that rip up our damaged roads in the wee small hours in a sleep deprived city chose to donate their petrol money to the EQ fund instead, I am sure they would earn greater respect. IMHO

narnies, Feb 19, 8:19pm
What are you banging on about, its not just people in modified cars that are causing disruption to peoples sleep in chch, there are plenty on this quake thread complaining of all types of cars and other vehicles not obeying the legal speed limit on our damaged roads.

narnies, Feb 19, 8:23pm
Here is footage of what happened, judge for yourself, do you see any of these drivers racing or skidding. this was the meeting place for the cruise in an industrial are of chch so as not to upset residence.

mbos, Feb 19, 8:23pm
So, it wasn't in a no cruising zone then!I can understand the police taking the opportunity to check the vehicles and the legality of the licensing etc of the occupants.Urination in a public place is not a legal right.

If they don't respect the police for doing their job, well, I think they didn't respect the police and their job in the first place, and this won't change anything much, it's just an excuse they will sieze on to reinforce their pre-existing opinion.

kadogirl, Feb 19, 8:28pm
I saw them speeding.simple. Can you understand that.

mbos, Feb 19, 8:30pm
Equally, I'm sure that footage put up by them supporting their argument would present them in the best possible light, and perhaps not be an entirely accurate reflection of their actions.It may have been an industrial zone - that does not mean that people are going to be happy with cleaning up mess left by the cruisers.

ariel11, Feb 19, 8:32pm
I thought it was against the law to drink alcohol on the streets, and the language absolutely disgusting, good on the police for doing their job

jamesnmatt, Feb 19, 8:33pm
crack up - first few seconds of footage is a guy drinking beer leaning on his car, and someone referring to cops as pigs.

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