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timetogo, Feb 19, 12:30am
I disputed a couple of items on our claim such as items missed completely and a lower value for replacement of a TV.EQC have just sent back an email saying that they had been in contact with my insurer and realise they hadn't allowed for depreciation on some items.They have gone back through my claim and have depreciated everything.This includes depreciation of the quote to repair an antique tea wagon.The insurance quote from the repairer was $450 but they have adjusted the "cost" for repair down to $140!Do they even think about what they are doing!They say that they have overpaid the claim by $55 but won't be seeking reimbursement.Good on them!However, I will be persuing the items that they have still missed off my claim.

karla_nz, Feb 19, 12:40am
I'm interested - did you get a detailed report of what they paid out on! My contents claim was about a third less than I filed it for, but I haven't queried this as I figure it is depreciation (much of my stuff was 10 -15 years old), and I am saving my energy for fighting for my home.

It still annoys me though, that I have no way of checking that what they have done is right or fair.

good on you for sticking up for yourself.

kiwicarol, Feb 19, 12:47am
what type of contents policy do you have! EQ pay inline with that. Most policiesfull replacement coveris for items either under 5 years old or 10 years old and is restricted to certain items. such as electrical, appliances anything over this are depreciated.Some policies do have full cover regardless of age for most irtems but again there are usually exceptions that are only paid on a depreciated value.

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woolfemme, Feb 19, 12:48am
check with your insurer on what items are covered for replacement and what ones are depreciatedEQC must cover you the same as your policy,so if your policy says replacement on TVthey have to replace

woolfemme, Feb 19, 12:48am
Snap Carol,LOL

kiwicarol, Feb 19, 12:54am
also " an antique tea wagon" is this actually an antique that was listed seperately on your insurance policy" or just a tea wagon that was very old. if the latter it is subject to depreciation based on age unless you policy states otherwise.

timetogo, Feb 19, 5:06am
I phoned the call centre and asked the person to go through my claim item by item and check what amount they had paid out on.The guy was really helpful and patient and submitted the dispute/query on my behalf.Then the email I received last week came with a printout of the items and the depreciated value next to it.I can't figure out the calculation but they have still missed some items so it pays to check against your claim.

I have a premier contents policy which is replacement for major household items under 10 years.They had paid for a DVD player instead of DVD recorder and for a 50 Hz TV rather than 100 Hz.These items alone were a difference of about $400. I had submitted copies of receipts, model numbers and specs for all our electrical stuff as proof in support of the claim.

They paid out on getting my lounge suite and drapes cleaned without depreciation so I'm pretty sure they shouldn't be depreciating repair costs.The tea wagon is from the 30's and isn't listed as a separate item but neither was my old china and glassware.I provided a valuation and those amounts were paid out at I assume is market value in the valuation.

annekeandjo, Feb 19, 6:25am
my insurance policy is full replacement on any items 10years and under.i had pool table that was 2 years old they depreciated that by heaps also had a tv they did that too.another tv on another claim they didnt depriciate cant work them out they got all there own rules .seem you question them it they dont wana pay out it sucks

gedc, Feb 19, 10:54am
Re the pool table.Even on the full replacement policies, I found out (the hard way) that sporting equipment is depreciated although not sure why they applied that to your tellies!Im with state and found the information online easily enough.

guest, Jun 9, 11:43pm
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