Tower & stonewood quantity surveying

nj01, Feb 18, 6:46am
had our qs done by stonewood on dec 1 and tower are telling me they haven't had the report back yet,
anyone been through this process and can comment on how it went! we were told that we should have had it all back by early jan.

greenfruit1, Feb 18, 7:05am
We are with Tower and currently Stonewood Homes is doing the pricing and design work for 2 x 2 bedroom units. To date we have been kept up to date with everything that is happening. Just now waiting on final options e.g Full rebuild, Indemnity payment or a negotiated payout ( the later is what we want). Take the money should be between full rebuild costs and Indemnity payment.

PS we are currently doing 9 different claims via EQC, Fletcher's and Insurers. The easiest so far have been or commercial claims. Just deal with the Insurer only.
As a project Manager for the family business, Ive found that you need to constantly keep on top of things, sometimes everyday. But slowly I'm getting things done.

gunton1, Feb 18, 8:15am
Please keep on Tower's back nj.You are further ahead than we got - we were told by EQC/Tower that our home was a rebuild, they came out, inspected, and we waited and waited for a report.When I did chase them up, I still had to wait for some time and they came back and said, no we were a repair and they would be very happy to pay us $8000 odd for the paths and that was their extent of their liability (so would I be in that position) as we were under the cap.We don't dispute that we are a repair, we were surprised to be told we were a rebuild, but I do regret not getting on their back much earlier.We are in the red zone, have to move and wasted three months waiting on them while prices were going up.We were told 3 weeks and like you were told that the hold-up was elsewhere.Please ring them on Monday.

blackbnz, Feb 18, 8:58am
We had stonewood out 10days ago they told me it should take no more than 30 working days for them to get the info to Tower.I rang a week later and Stonewood had done their pricing and were waiting for the demolition quote to come in and they said to call tower next week and they should have it all by then!I really do believe the more you phone these people the quicker things get done.Apparently stonewood are not that busy so it will be Tower who are holding things up!We do some contracting work for stream and they can be slow!I will be ringing Tower on Monday to chase it up.I reckon the more you ring they get sick of it and want you to go thats what I do and I am amazed at how quickly things have gone so far.We are right on the brink of a repair or rebuild we would prefer the rebuild as our house is 100yrs old and we do not see the point in sinking over 100k into repairing her.OP I would be ringing Stonewood and ask them if they have done their part and I would be very surprised if they havent.Stonewood have been very helpful to me.

snj11, Feb 18, 9:37am
Chase Stonewood Homes! I know there is a massive waiting list at the moment and they are giving false promises in relation to time frames. They are great at getting back there, but not so fab at sending the reports back :)

nj01, Feb 19, 1:46am
just sent an email through to stonewood to see i they can shed any light on time frames etc,

carly26, Feb 19, 2:05am
ours took about 6 weeks, which is about 30 working days, but then again, that was july last year so they may not have been as busy. We found things very easy, straightforward and hasslefree with Tower and Stonewood. We are now about to start rebuilding the new house

j_9_, Feb 19, 4:56am
We got seen the week before xmas and it was signed off at the end of Jan.

nj01, Feb 19, 5:00am
thanks, there seems to be a lot of inconsistency with what im being told and what others are experiencing. j_9 what is your situation! are you signed off as a rebuild!

nj01, Feb 20, 6:17am
just an update, have heard from stonewood and they had their proposal sent through to tower on the 9th of december. so i can only assume that tower is stalling

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