Wanted - Room for rent.

I have a 17 year old boy looking for a place to board in Christchurch. He is currently working / studying part time, always pays rent on time and is great at doing dishes. He can pay a maximum of $150.00. Let me know if you know of any situation available. He is currently in the red zone so needs to move out. Thanks :)

snj11, Feb 18, 4:49 pm

hi is this long term!

speightswomen, Feb 18, 6:51 pm

Hey there, long term would be preferred but we can work with short term also. I have my phone number listed under the car auction if you want to contact me. Thanks :)

snj11, Feb 18, 8:37 pm

you are welcome to leave your ph no, on one of my auctions.

kiaora4, Feb 18, 9:17 pm

Thanks, I just did. Also, my number is on my car auction (the white subaru.)

snj11, Feb 18, 9:23 pm

What part of chch would his preference be!

taniakaa, Feb 18, 10:38 pm

His course/work is in Hornby and he spends alot of time in New brighton so really any where is an option

snj11, Feb 18, 10:59 pm

Does he want to be with a family! Any particular likes/preferences!

vivienney, Feb 20, 10:33 pm

It doesn't nessicarily have to be a family. He has boarded with families in the past though. He is often out of the pier fishing or surfing, he is very independant and has a scooter to get around town.

snj11, Feb 21, 9:10 am