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dezzie, Feb 18, 12:05am
I'm giving this thread a gentle bump with the anniversary coming up, I think there was probably people without power or even places to stay who may not have seen it, and theres some excellent heartfelt sentiments here.

pesto1, Mar 3, 9:28am

haggiseater, Mar 3, 9:32am
Lovely words.

lady_c, Mar 3, 9:33am
beautiful poem

kiwivixin28, Mar 3, 9:39am
Fantastic can i post this to my FB!

halli, Mar 3, 9:40am
thats is beautiful

pesto1, Mar 3, 9:43am
thanks :)Sure you can

kiwivixin28, Mar 3, 9:44am
Thank you so much :)) My 11yr old neice is making her own time capsule based on the earthquake and ill print it out for her to put it in :)))))

pesto1, Mar 3, 9:45am
aw, that is a lovely thing to do, feel very privellaged to be a part of it!

morgsrocks, Mar 3, 9:48am

deansstand, Mar 3, 10:05am
22/02/2011 1251
we did not know our lives would change
that all our chores we would rearrange
she came out of nowhere and ruined our lunch
we banded together what a great bunch
I cycle in the the roads before dawn
my headlight bounces off the road bumps to forewarn
silt all the way to work is the norm
a mask at the ready as the day becomes warm
rednblack flag let it fly high in the sky
christchurchwith help from others will get by

pats3, Mar 3, 10:08am
Poster #1 - Beautiful - would you mind if I posted it on my Facebook page also. I would say where it came from.You are very talented.

pesto1, Mar 3, 10:11am
deansstand I love that.awesome.Oh wow there goes a little aftershock.

pats3 that is so kind, thank you :)You are most welcome to post it, it is so nice that you like it enough to do so :)

celticvibe, Mar 3, 10:12am
Really lovely OP.

dezzie, Mar 3, 10:16am
I wrote this a few days ago, and have been to chicken to post it on here.

It makes me so proud,
This country of mine,
That citizens for each other,
Put their lives on the line.

A thump, A crash,
A scream and a wail,
The faith in each other,
They knew would not fail.

I felt the quake,
I felt it from here,
Looked at the messageboard,
And I felt the fear.

Where it was felt,
So far and so wide,
I knew somewhere it was bad,
I just felt it inside.

And already they were fighting,
Against the concrete and the brick,
To drag strangers out,
Without missing a trick.

So to you, the hero's,
I just have to say,
That through your actions,
You blessed us all that day.

pesto1, Mar 3, 10:18am
What a lovely poem.I love how everyone has a slightly different spin on their experience.

celticvibe, Mar 3, 10:19am
Awww that made me cry.

dezzie, Mar 3, 10:31am
I have so much admiration for the "ordinary people" who suddenly were put in the position of helping others, and they did it, without a 2nd thought, I know there are professionals there now doing it, but its those ones that dragged heaps of people out in the first 5 -10 minutes that impress me so much, while the rest of us were scrambling to even know where it was, what had hit where, they were acting.

pesto1, Mar 3, 10:31am
just wondering if anyone is going to put it on their fb can u please write that it is by Michelle Amos instead of the name I am listed on under fb (tis my Mum's account :))

kiwivixin28, Mar 3, 11:10am
Done :) Will also put your name on the one printed for the time capsule :)

pesto1, Mar 3, 11:18am
thanks, that is the coolest thing!

packz, Mar 3, 11:20am
beautiful poems! <3

packz, Mar 3, 11:21am
My cousin wrote this i thought i was lovely =] He really surprised me =p

Christchurch <3

You were there at my birth.
Provided me with ground for me to graze my knees.
Gave me streets, to ride my bike to the shop to get $2 worth of lollies.
Gave me dirt so I could add water for mud cakes.
Provided me with parks so I could swing on the swings and climb trees.
But now it is you Christchurch who has fallen to your knees
Don't cry little Christchurch for I am behind you to pick you up and put you back on your feet
And I will be beside you until you are ready to run on your wee feet.


packz, Mar 3, 11:34am
I have shared this poem thank you for sharing it <3

deansstand, Mar 3, 2:07pm
I like poems

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