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scruff2, Feb 17, 7:13pm
It must be absolutly heartbreaking to watch your own house being demomolished. Or does it help with closure so people can move on!

shazza351, Feb 17, 7:29pm
don't think I could bear to watch

scruff2, Feb 17, 7:31pm
We have the demolision of my nanas old house coming up, a lot of memories there and just wanted to know if it helped with closure.

robyn35, Feb 17, 7:33pm
I watched my uncles place get demo'd and it surprised me how sad I felt.I think I want to see our family home (where I grew up) get demo'd but I guess it depends on whether I can find out when it will happen.As for my house I will definately watch if its demo'd as it will mean progress and a new house :-)

nessies1, Feb 17, 7:39pm
Yeah watched my neighbours house being demo'd yesterday (well its still going at this very mo, my house is shaking like mad!), didnt think I would be upset but I was, and my neighbours came back and saw the end of it to get closure on this whole terrible nightmare!

shazza351, Feb 17, 7:41pm
probably different for different people I think, my home will be demolished next year so I might be able to face it by then but at the moment the idea really upsets me. Some people don't seem to find it so bad and maybe it helped them with closure. Perhaps finding a symbolic way to say goodbye beforehand helps! Taking plants from the garden, a piece of wallpaper or something like that.

whitehead., Feb 18, 5:08am
no i feel so sad for the people who have lost their homes

lazkaz, Feb 18, 5:20am
do not think I will watch mine go when it does, many happy times here

smoff79, Feb 18, 5:35am
we will watch ours be demo more so the kids want to see it being done, i am sure we will shed a few tears.

david_270, Feb 18, 7:43am
We didn't see the start of the demo but visited during the day or evenings until it was done. Made for good photos and I think was necessary to work through the process and then focus on the rebuild. In reflection we are glad we did that as it helped us mentally rather than just face an empty hole in the ground.

needmoretime, Feb 18, 8:15am
I've got blow by blow shots.!ref=ts

I'll put them up shortly on this site.Very sad time but yea I do scrapbooking and photography so wanted the pics.

needmoretime, Feb 18, 9:22am

granda1, Feb 18, 9:53am
I actually helped the demo crew, gave me a real insight into what would have been needed to be done and convinced me that heart wreching as it was, it was the right decision and has made it more bearable

lambrat, Feb 18, 10:44am!fbid=325225977529624&set=a.325224020863153.96728.174709402581283&type=1&permPage=1
i was pretty much clicking away ok, until i came to that^ one with the chimney about to go, and then again at your dog's grave
. makes me even more grateful i'm not faced with decisions like ones you and other red-zoners have been forced to make.
i hope the saying that 'whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger' is true, but i'm not at all sure i'd have the guts to watch my own home get demo'd.

needmoretime, Feb 18, 10:53am
thanks Lambrat.I think for me taking photos has been healing.I think time will help too.My older boys were there (I held back a couple pics of them, might add them if they don't mind) and shows their sense of bewilderment very well.I feel for everyone's 'loss' from loved ones, homes, suburbs and the CBD.I'm going to continue taking pics over the years esp the areas I've photographed already.Will be interesting to see how the 'rebuild/recovery' goes.

neville106, Feb 18, 10:55am
I couldntwatch myhomebeingdemolished. Becauseyourhome is a canvasin whichyoupaintyourlife.

needmoretime, Feb 18, 10:59am
I like that.May I use it on my page!

cloffie, Feb 18, 11:45am
Needmoretime thank you sharingwith us,
The lump came to my throat when I saw the two photos of you and your partner watching your beloved home disappearingand the last one where there was an empty sandy section .
what area!

colb1, Feb 18, 12:44pm
I was really pleased to see mine come down was there for the first hour, it wasn't the place I loved anymore, ceased being the on 4 Sept, and got alot worse until we finally moved out in Nov 2011, and Igrew to really dislike being there

charlieb2, Feb 18, 8:27pm
Will definitely be watching ours when it is demo'd and taking photos. but for us its the start of our new life as we will be rebuilding on this site.

needmoretime. thanks for sharing.

scruff2, Feb 18, 8:32pm
Thanks for sharing your pics with us, great pictures of a sad time. I know its just a job for the demo crews but they must feel it too after a while.

kiwicarol, Feb 18, 8:37pm
will take photos when mine eventually goes but will only bricks and mortar by then. They are not what makes a house a home for me.

ffloss, Feb 18, 8:51pm
Thank you for those photos. I felt quite sad for you. I don't think I could watch my house be demolished - too many memories. I can understand you wanting photos as I also am a scrapbooker and this disater is part of your life. Thinking of you all.xxxx

needmoretime, Feb 18, 9:32pm
We were along New Brighton Road, not far from Cresswell Motors.I think what I find hard is knowing people are still living in ruins of homes etc.I know of a lady where EQC and her insurer are arguing over the cap payout so even though she is out of the area can not begin to move on fully.Moving on has been a big part of the healing process and I get so irritated by the stories I hear of folks who are still stuck living in these conditions due to insurance/EQC or still being 'oranged' zoned.I've dreamed of somehow getting a huge amount of land and building some places for folks to live (bit like the homes in the Linwood and Kaiopoi Parks) but in a nice country air feel, provide buses into town and mini buses for the kids to still go to their existing schools where they are now and not have to move several times.It's hard on the kids.

needmoretime, Feb 18, 9:33pm
oh and choosing where to go to was sooo hard.the hardest part of it all.

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