Any ideas? Sewage issue.

Now it is February 17, in another year, and still nothing has occurred. Someone fixed the main. A plumber was engaged by Fletchers to clean up under my house. Did he do it. NO.Has he been harrassed by me to do it. YES. Has he said he can't get under the house so will have to get a builder to take the wall off. YES. Did the builder do it! NO. The builder said he'll go through the floor. NO says I, my floor is parquet. OK says the builder I'll go through the bottom of a cupboard. Did he come and do it! NO. Did the plumber do anything further! YES.Told another lie. Said I've been to your house and now there's no smell. So nothing needs doing. BUT. it does smell, so. Oh I'll help you says an advocate. Came to my house, took details. Be back to you within a week. Has she! NO. Have I heard a word! NO. Do I give a monkey's about anything anymore! NO.

47toby, Feb 17, 11:05 pm

Might be time for Close Up or Campbell Live.

chip8, Feb 17, 11:10 pm

Oh my god you poor soul. definitely time for the media. ring martin van beynen at the Press.

charlieb2, Feb 17, 11:19 pm

As soon as the insurance company fobed you off , I'd have said "well my 6 months accomodation is starting this afternoon , thankyou for your help"

golfaholic2, Feb 18, 8:05 am

I had this exact same problem, finally got my pipes fixed on Thursday (11 and a half months after it started) and I don't want to brag but I must say you have no idea how exciting it is to flush with confidence that its going away. I had similar trouble with a f*** face neighbour bragging about how they have never had to use a chemical toilet because their sewerage is going away, the reason it was going away was because it was coming back up my pipes and sitting under my house! The advocate made all the right sounds and nothing happened, the council made hums and hars about disconnecting me from the main sewer line so others sewerage couldnt flow back to my broken pipes but nothing happened, EQC didnt even include it in my assessment that I had no sewerage so Fletchers didn't want to know.
Oh and then theres the damage from Sept, drainlayer comes out, repairs broken pipe, charges EQC $400 for the pipe and me $900 for having to remove tree roots from the piece of pipe they replaced. Surely if the pipe was being replaced they could remove it tree roots and all!

shakeyd, Feb 18, 8:32 am

another option try getting onto public health / environmental health in these situations

bantamus, Feb 18, 8:33 am

friends in wainoni road orange zone had exactly the same problem but they managed to get a portaloo from somewhere, instead of spending their entire contents payment on a drainlayer and trying to wring a refund out of eqc for it later.
last friday they went red, so i bet they're glad they didn't, but now they don't know whether they'll still be able to get their portaloo serviced.

and OP i think your neighbour is a bit of a drongo. after the feb quake i did manage to get my teen son to use emergency toileting arrangements for a couple of days, which made him very keen to help me dig a decent longdrop!

lambrat, Feb 18, 12:07 pm

That's a short drop.

chip8, Feb 18, 1:50 pm

Ring your local elected person who is on the CCC NOW and ask them to intervene and get you some help, point our the health and safety issues and how you shouldnt have to wait until Tuesday, especially in this warm weather,Bleat loudly to anyone you can think of, Ngaire Button might be a good start,or even try your local MP first, good luck.

articferrit, Feb 18, 2:46 pm

ha! i spoke too soon .
yesterday discovered that stormwater was backing up so gave it a blast with hose to see whether that'd fix it. but it still drained off very slowly.did it again this morning and no change.
then i cleaned the loo and flushed about 3 times, looked out the window to see stormwater drain overflowing.
my turn to call someone for a diagnosis!

lambrat, Feb 21, 12:39 pm

keep on at eqc and fletchers, alot of these urgent fletchers jobs dont even make it to fletchers.
we had our drains replaced on saturday just been, damaged from feb earthquake

esawers, Feb 21, 1:08 pm

Thanks everyone. I have given up. Am back in my house. The sewage is now old and I assume will have dried/drained away under the house. One of these days I will get the courage to go out there with gloves and pick up the toilet paper and scrub the back yard. Not yet though as I am still struggling to manage. One foot in front of the other, and I am much better off than many in this poor, damaged city.

47toby, Mar 4, 11:38 pm

Please ring your local MP and start bleating very loudly, it seems to be the only way to make things happen and you cant be expected to live like that, the dust from sewerage is as dangerous to you as the wet stuff. Dont give up, I know how mentally draining it is, but do it for everyone else who is in the same situation as you.

articferrit, Mar 5, 9:17 am

Two weeks ago aphone call. 'HI i'm Dean from Fletchers Woolston Hub. I believe you have a problem with sewage."I struggle not to fall down laughing hysterically. "Um, yes that was September. Since then a lot of nothing has been done.""Oh well I am new here and want to clear up this problem for you as I understand you need emergency repairs." I take a deep breath and reply calmly, "Well it isn't an emergency 8 months later."He replies very nicely "Can I come around and have a look!"I agree and he comes and he is nice and I wearily tell him the now (to me) very boring story. "Leave it to me," he says, "I need to hear the other side of the story." I try not to fly to pieces. "I'll be back in touch soon," he says. Has he!NO

47toby, Apr 28, 9:29 pm

Our emergancy repairs finally got sorted 18 months later.Neighbour s sewage leaking onto our property the whole time.Just not good enough. The system, like my pipes, is broken, out of alignment and smells of poo.

retrodesign, Apr 29, 10:29 am

My sewer pipe broke in June (Mt Pleasant green zone) and EQC noted it for emergency repairs.After waiting a few months of seeing grey water, sewerage & bits of toilet paper congregating beside my drive and running into the gutter & down the street, i called EQC for an update'."erm yes I can see the job in our system, I'll get on to fletchers'.

Within 2 weeks a very good contractor came out, put their camera down, found the damage & submitted a quote.

Six weeks later I have heard nothing back so phone EQC for an update.They say 'erm we're not sure, we suggest you phone Fletchers'.

I call the Fletchers Woolston hub and the phone there is so useless that I can barely hear him, despite me asking him several times to speak a bit louder.He says that he'll get the emergency repairs supervisor to get onto it straight away.

Still haven't heard anything.

So if you have small children in Mt Pleasant, make sure they don't play in the gutter 'cos there's poos in it :)

tpl2, Apr 29, 11:27 am

OMG.We should form a Fletchers Sewage Association and invite them all round for a cuppa. :(

47toby, Apr 29, 4:46 pm

We had the same issue earlier on with the sewerage, it only got worse and then was floating the property.EQC said we had spent our emergency money and would have to wait for fletchers.I explained the situation about a week later chasing no result.I ended up ringing our insurance company and saying what do you want to do, it is a health issue and we can't live here, so do they want us to use our temporary accomodation or could they fix.It actually ended up costing over $15,000 to fix as all the pipes were cracked all the way along (we are up a back driveway) but the insurance company took over it as we have $35,000 temporary accomodation on our insurance policy so it was still cheaper and I guess they will fight it out with eqc who pays but basically we had to move for a week before they decided it would be better to get fixed and we are home again without issues of built up sewerage.the process was long though, the sewerage guys came three times to blow out our pipes (approximately three weeks before pipe blocked again from us and neighbours) before they put a camera down and decided they may as well replace the whole lot.Good luck but maybe worth a call to insurance company to see if they can help.

cartooncath, Apr 29, 6:45 pm

Don't give up as miracles do happen!

We had exactly the same problem from February 2011 and I identify with you 100%. The stench of pooh in your backyard and under your house is nothing short of disgusting and unhealthy, let alone the drama of not being able to use your shower, needing to wash dishes in a bucket . etc.

I tried many avenues and had no luck getting anything done about it. We were in the orange zone and it seems to me that even your sanitary requirements need to be in limbo as well as no-one is prepared to do a thing!

Then . one month ago we became red zoned. We continue to be gob-smacked as we cannot believe the hive of activity that has been going on around here. The road has been improved, the riverbank mowed and regrassed, the river dredged to stop it flooding the road, etc.

And . wait for it . they came in with gusto and did some work on the sewerage system.

Two weeks ago our sewerage finally started going away! This is incredible! We even ran the dishwasher a couple of days ago. I had a 15 minute shower today!

This is too weird . is there some strategic plan to try and make life easier for red zoners! Perhaps they'll fix the water supply next as it is full of grit and we still need to bring all our drinking and cooking water from elsewhere.

wildjane, Apr 29, 8:09 pm

Sorry for talking shit, but there is a lot of it and t paper coming up my wastewater drains. I have called a plumber, who says after looking at it, call EQC because that's a big job.
So, I obediently do so. EQC say, oh that's a Fletcher job. Don't worry, I will put it through as an emergency job. Next day I call in at Fletcher hub to be sure job has gone through.You know that answer. NO
Nice person at Fletchers writes it all down and says she will put it through as an emergency job. Did anything happen! NO
I call CCC and request a Portaloo. Neighbour says he can't make his teenage boys use the chem loo. It is their shit coming up my drains.
Did a portaloo come!NO.
I call EQC again. Now it is Saturday and they don't have a weekend number for Fletchers, so could I stay somewhere else until Monday when Fletchers open! NO
I call CCC. The after hours person is nice but says I am only the after-hours person and cannot get in touch with the portaloo people. Your job has gone through but you will have to wait for next week. Ring then.
In desperation I call my insurance co. Oh yes I see you have a claim in. Unfortunately nothing can be done as EQC have pulled the plug on ANY emergency repairs in any orange zone. You will have to wait until Tuesday and we will see what we can do about alternative accommodation. Can you go and stay with someone else until then!

Why have EQC stopped doing emergency repairs! I am living in an area which is a health hazard.Any ideas!

47toby, Sep 4, 10:31 pm

Maybe grab the neighbour's teenage boys by the scruff of the neck and show them where their shit is turning up. Maybe a bit of embarrassing them will at least stop the toilet flushing. That is just not okay.

That's just awful for you.

mcd_nj, Sep 4, 10:40 pm

For starters I'd try telling neighbour if his teenage boys won't use chemical toilet, they can come round and clean up your property - hopefully it is coming up on his property too if it's from his drains

bootsy2003, Sep 4, 10:43 pm

This happened to us in March.No repairs were carried out until early August as drainlayers couldn't do anything until main pipes in the street were cleared. We couldn't use washing machines, showers or sinks as drains were all blocked. We were using chemical loo so it wasn't our crap coming back up the drains, but neighbours are mainly elderly and had trouble using chemical loos so just continued flushing as it was going away. We ended up stuffing old sheets down our gullytraps just so we weren't getting the crap spill out over the gardens.Good luck getting it fixed, hope you don't have to wait as long as we did

optima, Sep 4, 10:51 pm

^^^This. What happened to parental responsibility! If the boys are that self absorbed then surely the neighbour could gladwrap the toilet so that the boys have to use the chem loo, after all if they can't lift a lid and sit down then unwrapping a toilet will definately be beyond their tiny minds. Then after the neighbours outsmarted his (clearly gifted) sons, they can pop into your house and clean out their excrement with their bare hands.

samargh, Sep 4, 10:53 pm

so your street has been given the green you can crap notice, and if you can't flush ring the council , they say its your problem fix your latteral then proceed to get them fixed .only to find every week the pipes still block up .then the mains are broken on the street then the council get contractors to fix .only if you kick up a stink , and tell eqc not to pay contractors for fixing your latterals .
this has been the proven method of stupiditygood luck

alflys, Sep 5, 5:12 am

Did you phone a Drainlayer in the first place. Try G N Brewer pretty good and reasonably fast.

greenfruit1, Sep 5, 8:54 am

Just get a digger and break the pipe at the boundery and dig a long drop on their section. !/2 day digger hire will not be too expensive.

cubbyole, Sep 5, 8:59 am

I did call a drainlayer initially. It was he who said, can't do that, call EQC.

47toby, Sep 6, 12:33 am

Had similar situation at my son's rental (although green zone). Once Council had cleared sewers there was still a drainage problem on the section (from neighbours wastewater). Our Property Manager arranged a drainlayer to clear the pipes (cost us just over $600 - trying to get refund from EQC now).

bootsy2003, Sep 6, 12:47 am

break into the pipe at your boundary and block with a board or something so it backs up their toilet.

supra_luva, Sep 6, 12:57 pm

I had the same probelm contacted Drainworks and they were there the same day, camera up the pipes and pipe now fixed where broken.All gone through EQC.give them a call they ROCK.:-)

bigboy01, Sep 6, 1:01 pm

You must live in a block of flats! . Because its impossable for your neighbour's oozze to come out in your every house joins up in middle of road. to the poo line.\
Unless the line in the street is blocked . go out to the road and lift a man hole cover.Its probley full. get the CCC to pump it out.

the_don_61, Sep 6, 1:04 pm

I like this one

tonijo, Sep 6, 6:52 pm

we have this problem continuously as well.had diggers out to check our pipes and we r fine - its the street drains that have collapsed. CCC r aware but nothing has happened as yet, today they took away port a loo which i rung them smartly to return.none of my neighbours r using chem toilet and only a few in my street r using chem toilet - it wont b long before they all back up.seems to b an ongoing we r in september and we cant flush, use water or shower 100%.we use everything sparingly and its not healthy. i feel for you post #1

taniakaa, Sep 6, 8:32 pm

Thanks for comments and wicked ideas. Nothing done as yet, EQC still saying no to emergency repairs, Fletchers seem to be hiding, my Ins Co has put me in a motel for a week in the hope something is done by then. Meanwhile the portaloo turned up and the neighbour's boys are apparently using it, but they continue to shower etc and it all comes out of my drains (am on a back section) and runs under the house.

47toby, Sep 9, 12:15 am

Keep on at the council.If someone tries to say it's your laterals and therefore your problem hang up and ring back.It toook me 2 goes to get onto someone who finally beleived me when I said we couldn't flush even after receiving the letter.Be persistant and's no good having a health hazard nearby.good luck.if no joy contact your local mps,media, etc and make a lot of noise.

stephikins, Sep 9, 6:50 am

Ok . either street line is blocked and full or your house is a back add on e.g a section thats been sub'd . is your house newish!.sewer lines will run around it , not under it.
Now if the land has gone up in the front section and your back part dropped the sewer lines will need to be dug up and relaid . as could be the angle now . the front house runs to your place and not to the road.

I'd more be asking who you brought the house off why the sewer is joined to the house out front.They saved some bucks not hooking your's up to the street like its meant to be.

the_don_61, Sep 9, 10:53 am

Really! Ye gods. I think I will go lie down in the traffic.

47toby, Sep 9, 6:17 pm

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