Tattoo ideas

Just wondering if anyone knows anyone or has any ideas on an earthquake-themed tattoo I'm planning to get on the big memorial day.


ozar, Feb 17, 11:39 pm


fepixie, Feb 18, 12:38 am

The Cathedral.Probably the most important Icon that we have lost.If you're catholic then you can choose the Catholic Cathedral.

Good on you Ozar for comemorating Christchurch's loss.

gregor15, Feb 18, 3:10 am

lots of people have got the rose window from the cathedral.I would like a pic of NZ wiht a earthquake bar ( zigzag) thru Ch in red.

blackcats13, Feb 18, 10:35 am

I have seen someone with the rose window on the top of their arm, it looked good.A nice memorial without being over the top.

scout_6001, Feb 18, 11:20 am

i know exactly what i want. i just don't have the approx $500+ it will cost to have done

raging_bunny, Feb 18, 11:21 am

if you look anything like your profile picture i have a few ideas how to raise the money .

taylah, Feb 18, 11:42 am

Yeah saw a cool one with a map of nz with the seismograph drawing of the quake going through chch. Was thinking of getting that on my foot along with the date and time.

ozar, Feb 18, 12:18 pm

I remember seeing a cool picture of a Richter scale pattern with the Christchurch cathedral flower on the highest point representing the Christchurch cathedral. Anyone seen that before and have pictures of that!

ozar, Feb 18, 12:26 pm

me! do tell

raging_bunny, Feb 18, 12:31 pm

mmm where do i begin little raging_bunny

taylah, Feb 18, 12:47 pm

now i'm intrigued

raging_bunny, Feb 18, 1:04 pm

oh so am i .

taylah, Feb 18, 1:31 pm

*taps foot* hmmm! this is like someone saying "i've got you something but you can't have it yet" lol

raging_bunny, Feb 18, 1:36 pm

use your imagination

taylah, Feb 18, 5:48 pm

That is what I have down my fore arm. Big S.I. with red quake seismic lines over CHCH and a very small N.I.

mekongmike, Feb 18, 6:44 pm

aparently i'm having a dumbarse moment and i need it spelled out lol

raging_bunny, Feb 18, 7:12 pm

blonde !

taylah, Feb 18, 8:11 pm


raging_bunny, Feb 19, 7:41 am

auction yer bum like the other girl did.

pandaeye, Feb 19, 8:55 am

ayyyyy now there's a good idea. except it would have to be my thigh. my bum isn't big enough for the tattoo hahahaha

raging_bunny, Feb 19, 9:43 am

ok your teasing now !

taylah, Feb 19, 11:12 am

i'm too dumb to tease lol

raging_bunny, Feb 19, 11:42 am

Bunny. Havent seen you on here for ages.

spike_01, Feb 19, 11:43 am

SPIKE! omg funniest thing i was trawling in General yesterday and i was like awwww i miss Spike and now HERE YOU ARE!

raging_bunny, Feb 19, 11:45 am

eekk long holiday for you then haha

i've got 11. don't have pics of them all tho

raging_bunny, Feb 19, 11:52 am

Yeah, they let me back as a well done when I hit 200 feedbacks. haha.

spike_01, Feb 19, 11:54 am

haha how kind of them. well i'm glad you're back!

raging_bunny, Feb 19, 11:55 am

Cheers bunny. Good to be here, and spot familiar names. :)

spike_01, Feb 19, 11:56 am

so how you been lately!

raging_bunny, Feb 19, 11:58 am

Yeah all good thanks. Kinda got divorced since I was last here. lol

And living in Wellington for a while at the moment.

spike_01, Feb 19, 11:59 am

get a tattoo of Bob Parkers face!

klc101, Feb 19, 12:00 pm

awww yep me and my mr split last year. now playing solo mummy hahaha

raging_bunny, Feb 19, 12:00 pm

Oh, really. Well I am sure you can handle that well enough.

Dunno what made me lurk in the Ch Board, but pleased I did lol.

spike_01, Feb 19, 12:02 pm

i'm glad you did too. i don't do a lot of posting any more and when i do it's usually in here. can't really be bothered with the General dramas anymore haha

raging_bunny, Feb 19, 12:03 pm

I have been hanging around in TM discussion a bit. General seems to have changed a lot in the last 5 years.

Time I was off here for a while ms bunny. Hope to see you again sometime. <3

spike_01, Feb 19, 12:06 pm

no doubt you will. just start a thread for me if you can't find me. i'll find it

raging_bunny, Feb 19, 12:07 pm

lol ok. Take care eh.

spike_01, Feb 19, 12:08 pm

trying to make me jealous bunny .

taylah, Feb 19, 1:08 pm

Sorry for the hi jack OP. lol. At least we kept your thread at the top.

spike_01, Feb 19, 1:50 pm

how so!

raging_bunny, Feb 19, 2:01 pm

post design and bum pic. we'll see if it'll fit.

pandaeye, Feb 19, 9:22 pm

I have seen a pic of one with the actual seismic line of the quake too

lady_c, Feb 19, 9:28 pm

You and me both bunny. I cant figure that comment out.

spike_01, Feb 19, 10:06 pm

Thats the one my whole family got ( NZ with zig zag) also has the date

suzy59nz, Feb 19, 10:14 pm

flirting like that

taylah, Feb 19, 10:18 pm

lol that ain't me flirting, that's how i am normally

raging_bunny, Feb 20, 10:11 am

haven't had it designed yet, it'll be a one off piece that i will have my tattooist draw up when i have the dosh to do it

raging_bunny, Feb 20, 10:12 am

ah i see . interesting lol

taylah, Feb 20, 11:18 am

i do have a very "out there" personality lol i'm not backward about coming forward

raging_bunny, Feb 20, 11:27 am

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